November 17: India, ranked fourth in crypto adoption, recorded $172 billion in cryptocurrency transactions between July 2021 and June 2022, as it continues to lead the Southern Asia and Oceania regions, blockchain analysis firm Chain analysis said in a recent report.

The 2022 Geography of Cryptocurrency report showed Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, and Singapore followed closely behind India, each recording over $ 100 billion in transactions in the same period.

India has amassed 115 million crypto investors according to KuCoin’s ‘Into The Cryptoverse India Report’ survey released this week. This figure of 115 million crypto investors represents 15 percent of the Indian population and is mainly aged between 18 and 60.

Hence it’s only obvious in this scenario to have some poster personalities in the crypto ecosystem of India, here is the list:


Abhyudoy Das is considered the face of Crypto Marketing in India and South Asia. Being recognized by many project founders as one of the best Crypto Advisors Worldwide, he has more than 7 years of experience in Crypto and Blockchain technology. Abhyudoy Das is currently working as the Country Head of India at Bybit, one of the best three cryptocurrency exchanges in the world right now. He also advises some of the well-known international crypto projects like Trace Metaverse, Social Good, and others to help them grow. Earlier he co-founded Ecoin, led the firm to 5 million + users, and got funding for it. He left Ecoin years back due to a significant change in the company’s vision. Having worked as the Lead Software engineer at Accenture, he also has good technical knowledge of Blockchain and Web3, he also has a patent filed under his name in Web3 which solves the fraudulent nature of NFTs.


Nischal Shetty is the co-founder and CEO at WazirX and is one of the most popular influencers from India in blockchain and cryptocurrency. He is a software developer and started his career in 2004. His interest in blockchain and crypto peaked in 2017, around the time bitcoin was rocketing high. After this, he co-founded WazirX in 2018, which he founded along with Samir Mhatre and Siddharth Menon.

When RBI put a ban on transacting cryptocurrencies through the banking channels, Nischal led the #IndiaWantsCrypto campaign until the Supreme Court repealed the ban, calling it unconstitutional.


A comedian and YouTuber by profession, social media influencer Tanmay Bhat is not behind on investments in cryptocurrency. He has made several videos on different types of cryptocurrencies, and often talks about them on his social media, making others aware of them as well. With his knowledge and experience with crypto and blockchain, while also having a large amount of audience, Tanmay is no longer just a social media influencer but is also an influencer in this particular field.


Sumit Gupta is the CEO and co-founder of CoinDCX, yet another of India’s largest Crypto Exchange platforms. Sumit stands by the adoption of technology to make life much easier. He is also the frontier to work on crypto regulations in India.


Naval Ravikant is an Indian-American entrepreneur and investor and is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList. He also often shares his advice on pursuing wealth and happiness.


Sandeep Nailwal is a co-founder of Polygon, a leading Ethereum scaling and infrastructure platform. Sandeep started his career as a software engineer and, in 2015, launched ScopeWeaver, India’s largest marketplace for professional services, where he designed blockchain-based decentralised application architecture.

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