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Politics Over People: Delhi Suffers As Politicians Holiday Abroad!


Mosquitos, Holidays and National Media- sums up Delhi right now!

10 deaths in the past few weeks woke up the perpetually sleeping government officials from their slumber into action.

With the Centre and the state authorities working together in tandem for the first time to overcome the lack of medical facilities in the country capital things have started to look positive for the Aam Aadmi .

Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jang came back to his office taking a break from his holidays and it was all hearts and flowers until it was reported that the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia is still holidaying in Finland and does not care if mosquitoes are killing people.


From The Beginning:

Mosquitoes decided to bite Delhites and like every year it took 10 deaths to make politicians realize that something needed to be done.

It was during this time that Manish Sisodia’s pictures of ‘holidaying’ in Finland surfaced the internet.

Opposition is having a gala time pointing fingers at AAP and Kejriwal will blame Modi for this too. (As Always)

Twitter is trending with #SisodiainFinland and AAP is clueless as to how to counter the Sisodia rage on the internet.


Defence Is The Best Offence!

Manish Sisodia decided to level the playground when he tweeted that he is not holidaying but is instead on ‘official work’. He is there to ‘learn’ about the education system of the country because it is the best in the world.

Well, Mr. Sisodia it is not your holidays or your learning skills we Indians are questioning.

It is the sheer timing of your learning that is not sitting down well with the people. Education no doubt is important but is it so important or at the top of priority list to visit Finland when people in your state are dying and there are papers who need your signatures and meetings that DEMAND your presence.

We know that Mr. Sisodia is adept in covering up his tracks and blaming others for mistakes committed by him, trust us, we’ve seen you doing this a million times before but these are trying times and people are dying, you don’t get to make an excuse for that.



As far as the opposition is concerned, the opposition controls the Centre and does not the Deputy Chief Minister to save lives and kill mosquitoes and yet the blame game is rampant.

Health Minister J.P. Nadda was bestowed with ink and that is the proof of how frustrated people are.

A dozen people are falling ill every two hours in the capital, the government hospitals are not being used to their fullest because obviously when head officials are relaxing why will the subordinates care to work.

On paper holidays are cancelled, doctors are doing overtime etc. but the pathetic conditions prevailing in the hospitals tell a totally different story!

Politicians probably need education the most and they definitely need to set their priorities straight.

AAP and the Centre need to overcome their differences and work as a time. Delhi is at stake and that is the most important thing right now!

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