Disclaimer: This is sent to us by a person with family and friends in Sirsa, Haryana. As per request, the anonymity of the author will be maintained due to the volatile situation in North India at the moment following the verdict.

To people who do not know, Dera Sacha Sauda belongs to Sirsa, Haryana.

We know the strain Sirsa would have faced when Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan was facing the trials. But with the banning of internet networks and any sort of communication, the condition of Sirsa has been worsening.

The Dera Sacha Sauda quarters are located outside, at the periphery of the city, yet the army has been deployed at the main city area.

There have been reports of a government-registered milk plant of Vita that has faced the “wrath” of the followers. It has been reported that they tried to set it on fire but there has been no official confirmation yet.

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There is a complete curfew in the city and the particular “Dera” area which belongs to the cult has been taken charge of by the Armed forces.

Curfew in Sirsa after Dera Sacha Sauda verdict.
Situation in the afternoon at Sirsa. One can clearly see how proactive the entire community had been.

Many people had already left the city two or three days prior to the verdict due to fear of violence that was being anticipated over his conviction.

Though people in Sirsa are satisfied with the court statement, I can’t forget my relatives warning that the Dera case will cause an outburst in the city, which eventually happened on such a vast scale.

Sirsa flag march for peace
Flag march carried out by CRPF jawans and police superintendents.

On the other hand, except for the fear looming large, there has been one report of a person being killed at Sirsa despite the heavy presence of CRPF jawans and the police in the region. There still has been no case of any destruction reported as such. The situation as described by my family and friends seems scary if nothing else.

A flag march was carried out by the state police in Sirsa today to keep the law and order situation under control.

Media is focusing on cities like Panchkula and parts of Punjab because of the high incidents of violence and destruction there. Sirsa, in that sense, has been really proactive in curbing any violence that could have sprouted because of the verdict.

All we can do is hope for things to settle down as soon as possible.

(Image credits: the author and ANI Network)

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