I moved to Mumbai from Delhi a few days ago for my Post Graduation. It has not even been 10 days.

The process of my admission here had been mostly idle yet draining. My mind was filled with existential questions, the answers to which changed every hour. I was swinging between making extreme life choices. Absolutely not knowing what’s coming next!

You know the feeling when everyone around you is going places and you are lying on your lazy ass changing the channels?

You wake up at 5 in the evening and sleep at 5 in the morning and call yourself an insomniac. And your self-esteem hits rock bottom every few hours and you go on a guilt trip. But then you bounce back while watching the next episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

I was pretty much in that position!

During all those sleepless nights, idle overthinking sessions and seemingly depressing days, what I had constant was the support from my parents.

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Let me tell you right at the outset, I don’t have the stereotypical cool parents who have always been okay with relationships, smoking, drinking, or eating Non-veg on Tuesdays. Yeah? Yeah!

But the way I have grown in the past 3 years of my college life, I have literally seen my parents grow too. College widened my horizons and gradually I began to bring those conversations home.That in my belief moulded my relationship with my parents from being that of being wary or abominable to gradually discussing our difference of opinions and respecting without forcing them on one another.

I have been born in a typical middle-class Khosla Ka Ghosla family. I too had a troubled teen and didn’t have a great relationship with my parents.

At times, this happens because the toxic ideas of ‘Maa’ and ‘Pita’ have been fed to us by a lot of Bollywood films and the society in general.

How can we forget the forever traumatizing Baghban! That movie has spoiled more relationships with parents than mending any.

Often, due to this God-like connotation attached to parents, we forget that they are also people and have been stumbling their way through life without any self-help books. Their parents might have been stricter than ours and thus they bowed down to the life defined for them and tried using the same parenting formulas on us. But with the sort of avenues available to us that weren’t available to them, youngsters often feel a communication gap with their parents.
But trust me, that can be broken! You just need to begin somewhere. Beginnings are awkward but never force them.

I too have talked to my mother about all my anxieties and my self-doubt during hard times. I have cried uncontrollably thinking what will I make of myself ever in life.
And the sort of support I received in response has been magnanimous.

Every time I think of all that my mother has done for me since forever in her own ways that I understand now, I have never been able to control my tears.

But for this, you don’t have to be Shravan Kumar and they need not be God for you. You just need to accept them as they are and they will do the same to you naturally.
Trust me!

And in the end, it is all about loving your parents! 

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