Bollywood child actor, Harshil Thakkar is elated recalling his shooting memories of the advertisement of Dominos Pizza. Harshil, who has been endorsed in various popular advertisements like V-GUARD, Ola auto, HDFC  shared his experience of the Dominos Advertisement. He was shortlisted for the Domino’s advertisement by auditioning at home, at his balcony and he got selected because of his unique looks and charisma. 

The advertisement was shot earlier before the lockdown, but due to the lockdown it was edited and released later in the IPL season. 

Harshil was not a big fan of pizza before the advertisement, but the chef at the set prepared new fresh pizzas for every bite so that it looked fresh for each shot. This way, he became a fan of pizza, especially Domino’s Pizza because of its looks and taste. The shoot location was in Mumbai so it was very comfortable for him. The advertisement was released during IPL, and during late lockdown, people had already started watching more and more television. His advertisement came in breaks between the matches, so all of his friends and neighbours would watch him in their TVs. This way, he got very popular amongst his friend circle and also other people. They had started calling him by the name ‘Dominos guy’. Harshil has done so many advertisements throughout his childhood, but his most favourite and best one is domino’s as it has gave him popularity. His family loved this ad very much. Harshil’s happiness had no limit during the shoot of this advertisement.



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