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By Chirali Sharma


Keep calm.

This line, two words, are very strong if you look at them closely.

The feeling of panic can be very dangerous, and the truth is you can do nothing to escape it. Once it gets its grip on you, it never can leave you. Panic can lead a person to such extremes, that that person does not even realise what they are doing, and if it might harm anyone. Panic, paranoia follows a person like their shadow. Your heart races, it thumps loudly, sweat beads on your forehead, feeling of dizziness and lightheadedness are all such symptoms of suffering through a panic attack.
But you guys must remember, in the movie 3 Idiots, Amir Khan had a dialogue where he said ‘the heart is very gullible. What you tell it, it believes it. So bolo “aall izz well”.’ Well guys, this is line is actually true. Honestly, even if its not that simple, but if you just tell your heart to keep calm and not panic, in reality, all though you still might panic, but at least it’ll clear your mind for a few seconds to think clearly.

This poem hopefully conveys the feeling of panic properly.




It courses through

My veins.

Like a wildfire,

Through a forest.

Burning everything

In its wake.

Every ounce of


And surety.

Leaving me nothing

But a pile of ash,

Filled with

Doubt and confusion.

It jumbles my thoughts

And like

A maze, it

Closes in on me.

Leaving me

No escape.

Short of breath

I feel, like a hand

Squeezing my lungs

Expelling all my breath

And leaving me empty.

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