When is Pakistan Army ever going to try and make peace with India? Probably never. And is India going to do something about it? Again, probably never. Because, you can only try to poke sense into someone who is ready to understand.

After the most recent operation conducted by the Indian Army, in which three terrorist launch pads were blown up taking 5 Pak soldiers’ lives too, I had just one question – What were Pakistani soldiers doing near terrorist launch pads?

But without any more rhetoric, I will get to the latest development in the Indo-Pak military duel.

Director of ISPR, the public relations wing of the Pakistani Army, Major General Asif Ghafoor is back with another statement, and this time the attack is directly on our Army Chief General Bipin Rawat.

As reported by Economic Times, Maj. Gen. Ghafoor said, the Indian Army chief has been repeatedly provoking war through irresponsible statements and endangering regional peace.

This statement was given out after General Rawat delineated PoK as a terrorist-controlled part of Pakistan. Maybe this angered the Pakistani General, but it is true to every bit, proof being the thousands of lives we lose due to terrorist attacks originating from PoK.

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Reality Is Always Bitter

Being a defence aspirant, I respect all military men, irrespective of their nationalities. But how does one get the right to question the statements made by THE ARMY CHIEF OF INDIA? He is answerable only and only to the President of India and he does that very well.

The Pakistani Military spokesperson did not stop here. He went on to say that he doubts whether General Rawat is a suitable candidate for the newly proposed office of Chief of Defence Staff.

The statements made by General Rawat, Major General Ghafoor said, were highly provoking with intentions of reckoning a war, and were made at the cost of professional military ethos.

Either PoK and other parts of Pakistan are so highly peaceful that there is absolute happiness, or Major General Ghafoor has more wisdom than General Rawat, somehow. At least this is what they “think”.

If PoK was actually as peaceful as Pak Army claims it to be, Indian Army would not need to risk the lives of their able men and eliminate three terror launch pads. And if Pakistani Army wants to make statements about any man of the Indian Army, then they better first stop securing terrorist camps with their own men.

Our Silence Is Not Our Weakness

India is a country whose military has sought to never attack first. And probably this is why Pakistani troops have always taken advantage – be it cease fire violations, covering terrorist entries into India or securing terrorist launch pads.

The Indian Army is a moral army, which means, they live on the morals and principles of very well-trained gentlemen and ladies and they shall not resort to any actions which harm the people of their own country.

As reported by Firstpost, General Rawat said in his closing remarks in the Field Marshal KM Cariappa memorial lecture, there have been several attempts made by terrorist hiding in Pakistan to disrupt the normalcy in Kashmir after Article 370 was withdrawn.

A statement made can any time be taken as a challenge, and Pakistani Army would definitely not want the Indian Army to take any statements made about their very own Army Chief as a challenge – just a health advisory.

This article does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any Pakistani citizen. This is just a patriot’s rage when a finger was pointed at the man leading his country’s army. Jai Hind.

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Sources: Firstpost, Economic Times, Scroll

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  1. Well Articulated Somnath.

    I don’t know how long Pakistan will live in Fool’s Paradise. They should understand that they will never lose they never had (PoK).

    God save them.

  2. Well Articulated Somnath.

    I don’t know how long Pakistan will live in Fool’s Paradise. They should understand that they will never lose they never had (PoK).

    God save them.


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