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OPPO N1: a must buy or not?


oppo-n1-hands-onTechnology that we take for granted has fundamentally changed the way we live. And that’s the way it should be. Technology should innovate and push mankind forward.

However, innovation in smartphones has stopped. Every year, smartphones become slightly faster, with slightly larger screens, and get slight design changes. These things have been confused with innovation.

However there are companies where innovation does take place with much effort and enthusiasm. Apart from Samsung and Apple Inc., there are companies that have devised new models much above the explored level of the major companies. One such company is Oppo which launched one of its model in India. Here you go. Explore and see what you get.

Rotating Camera Smartphone

The unique rotating camera is constructed from 67 different components, featuring a 206° rotation that will firmly lock in position at any angle without shaking or moving while you frame the shot. With a shared camera for both front and back, your front facing shots will be just as amazing as your back facing shots. This in turn is way much better than the burst option given by most of the smartphones.


The full metal aluminium alloy frame is produced over a 20-day period. During this time it undergoes a 14 step polishing process involving more than a dozen suppliers. Strengthening the core of the phone, the frame adds an air of toughness, firmness and style to the OPPO N1.

The phone body is made with a smooth, delicate material for a ceramic-like elegance, designed to keep your device free of fingerprints and eternally soft to the touch. Although it’s 9mm thick the Oppo looks and feels sleek, with a helpful, ergonomic curve to the back. At 213g, feeble wrists will start to ache after 20 minutes streaming Archer during a commute, but all in all the screen makes the heft worth it.

A bigger screen is a better screen

There’s no getting around the fact the N1 is massive – to see the whole 5.9 in Full HD slathered-in-Gorilla-Glass-3 screen in all its glory; you almost need to step back a little. And it’s a beauty when you do. Colours pop and contrast is bang-on whether you’re scrolling through pin-sharp text, playing or just trying on themes, lock screens and icon packs for size. Viewing angles are nice and wide, too. So yes, everyone in the self-service queue behind you is staring at your phone and can see exactly what you’re doing.

Boss of all the sensors – O sensor.

Oppo’s not done messing with the outsides of the smartphone, either. Smack bang centre of the back of gigantophones is the place to be right now – the lg G2 power and volume buttons sit here as does the HTC ONE Max ‘s fingerprint scanner.

Oppo uses it for its O-Touch panel, a PS VITA style touch-sensitive rectangle that can be used as an alternative control – swiping up or down can be used to scroll through long articles in Chrome, for example. In use we found some settings, such as scrolling, genuinely useful on a big phone, but others, such as tapping to launch the camera, actually took in practice than the standard button.

Just one more Oppo device to play with: the O-Click accessory. This nifty tech button is temperamental with some CyanogenMod compatibility tweaks needed, but it works well as a remote shutter for the N1’s camera. It can be attached to keys and acts as an alarm to find your phone quickly too.


Watching movies, tweaking status bars, snapping profile pics – this is not a phablet to leave in your bag. And happily the Oppo is a true battery life hero.

The beefy 3610mAh unit, which can’t be swapped out, plays nice with the Snapdragon 600 processor. So not only does its 5.9 inch Full HD screen last a full day of messaging, browsing and gaming, but in ColorOS mode there’s an excellent power saver, too. The eager to please N1 will even nag if you get to below 40% at night.

Running CyanogenMod things are a little more pared back functionality-wise, but in our standard 720p video rundown test, at half brightness with Wi-Fi on, the Oppo gave the Note 3 some grief with a time of 9 hours 5 minutes.Whether on ColorOS or CyanogenMod, the N1 also knows how to make the most of a comparatively old processor, the Snapdragon 600. With 2GB of RAM to help things along, there is no encounter of any lag or hiccups during testing, even when really pushing it. So overall the oppo N1 may be the must try option for all those tech savvies out there.

The Oppo N1 starts at INR 36000 in India.

Source: Oppo.com



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