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Number of Global Business (NGB) global digital business launches D90 structural model


Recently, Number of Global Business (NGB) Global Digital Business Lab launched D90 three-track compound community economic model, which created an original application scenario of double public chain spiral cross linkage, issued currency through community consensus, and formed an inclusive end-user accelerated diffusion effect. The unique structural model was sought after by the whole world. This big move was promoted by the global digital business laboratory in conjunction with the first batch of community organizations in four countries.

Established on September 19, 2017, the Number of global business global digital business laboratory was jointly initiated by HanVerstraete, founder and CEO of Otonomos, and Mano Thanabalan, technical director, together with Professor Li Guoquan’s scientific and technological team of Singapore Management University and Winklevosscapital.

Number of global business Global Digital Business Lab is a developer of blockchain underlying technology protocol, aiming to create a lasting and distributed Internet and build a basic transmission protocol and a distributed application platform in the future. It will open a number of blockchain public chain technology channels, and offer free services to people, consumers, users, developers and various organizations around the world.

GECC Game currency game currency issued by global digital business lab

GECC is committed to breaking some unreasonable phenomena caused by the traditional operation mode of the game industry. For example, game developers make less profit. According to statistics, in 2017, the game revenue in China reached more than RMB 220 billion, but some large channels only accounted for 80% or even 90% of the game distribution, and the game development team made even less profit. GECC tries to change the game distribution mode through game public chain, blockchain technology, decentralized operation mode, transparent mechanism, Token economic system and task incentive mechanism, so that game content creators can get more deserved benefits, and even players can benefit from it.

The first launch of GECC game public chain, which is invested by global digital merchants, will be launched in D90 three-track compound model. firstly, it can cross and win with LQ IQ in currency; secondly, it can effectively make profits; most importantly, it can accumulate consensus more quickly, thus forming a win-win effect.

The blockchain underlying technology public chain token protocol created by the global digital business laboratory

LQ is measured in money. It can directly enter the field of social justice and intelligence, and be applied in the field of social governance, including identity authentication, notarization, arbitration, auditing, domain name, logistics, medical care, mail, visa, voting, etc., and its scope can be extended to the whole society. In the future, LQ technology will become a new protocol at the bottom of the Internet of Everything.

Such as: from the financial point of view, global currencies can’t be harmonized, but it is hard to imagine that it can be achieved completely by using LQ technology network. Depending on the specific functions of LQ digital smart technology, a powerful economic ecosystem set by application will be realized. LQ can be described as an innovative solution that continues on the underlying infrastructure of blockchain. It is practical for all blockchain and cross-chain networks, and it is the token for managing and regulating these blockchain infrastructures. In the actual transaction in When it happens, any cryptocurrency and legal tender of various countries will no longer need currency exchange through LQ network, and the conversion will be carried out in real time. Users can choose different currencies and digital assets as payment sources through LQ network. LQ’s unique reverse contract technology will provide different APl interfaces in real time, allowing anyone to seamlessly receive payment from any currency, including wallet, physical debit card, bank account, ATM access, remittance, transfer, exchange, scan code payment and payment from any token.

Global digital business: Relying on the powerful technical team and R&D strength of the laboratory, it pursues the concept of multi-chain, multi-zone, multi-angle and all-round diffusion, so as to solve the social and economic balance and create new capital ideas with fair financial attributes. It will spread from infrastructure to terminal, creating a whole chain of upstream and downstream. The implementation of each chain will create an exclusive community economic model, and mobilize enough consensus bodies at the beginning, so that every public chain has a broad prospect. GECC and LQ cross linkage model promoted by global digital business is an original internal and external inclusive spiral resonance economic model (the first in the world). The first two public chain currencies (GECC game currency + LQ digital smart currency) will achieve the effects of dual-engine cross linkage, common chain, resonance and win-win. The initial launch in 2020 has gradually caused linkage among four countries: Singapore, the Netherlands, China and India. They were used as the first batch of in-depth tests of community economic seed companies. By 2022-2023, a large number of no less than 15 countries will be selected to complete the mass height test. By September to December, 2024, the dual-master online planning of GECC and LQ will be completed! At that time, it will usher in a new era of global Internet and deliver more convenient and safer scenario experience for infinitely beautiful human life!

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