College is like a jungle where only the fittest survive.

It is a place where a student can explore her potential to the fullest. However, what happens when the basic necessities are not available? Students suffer.

Here in Delhi University’s North Campus, students face certain challenges that make one want to curl up in bed instead of attending classes. They may be little things, but for a student, it matters a lot.

 1. The Cranky Office Staff

What happens when you have urgent work that you desperately need to finish and the only thing left is to get it signed by the office staff? All hopes of ever getting it done on time vanishes.

Yes, one will never know why the office staff are so cranky when their only job is to sign the document! I mean it is not like they have so much work in the first place. I am sure that all of us have seen them gossiping in their offices with a cup chai and samosa on their desks. Yes, and some even have the time to play candy crush.

I will never get them. It is like they enjoy being sadistic or something.

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2. Luxury Travelling

College time is the time when we finally have to start acting like adults and save money. Well, it is not like we have a choice now, do we? Money does not grow on trees after all.

But with the expensive means of transport, what can one do?

A trip from Arts Faculty to Delhi’s Girl’s Hostel Complex, for instance, costs 40 bucks and one cannot always hunt for travelling partners every time one needs to step out.

Metro rides have also become so expensive. A trip from Vishwavidalya to Noida, for instance, costs 20 rupees. So a student who travels back and forth between the two will spend at least 50 rupees in a day.

3. Squeeze in if You Want to Hear the Teacher

There are approximately 200 students in an MA English class. I was appalled to see that on the first day, and even sometimes to this day, students sitting on the floor and on windowsills just to hear the teacher teach. Which country do we belong to?

How can students concentrate in class if they have to sit on the floor? Forget about all the humiliation as well.

On hot summer days especially, cramping in classrooms is just suffocating.

4. Those Toilets Though!

The toilets at Delhi University are worse than public toilets along the roadside. There is never any water and entering a toilet is like a suspense movie. You never know what awaits you on the other side.

5. The Library is Like a Steam Room

I hardly go to the library. I went there once during a particularly hot summer’s day and it was like hell out there. The fans are too high up on the wall and sometimes they don’t even work. It was suffocating and it makes the whole process of looking for a simple book unbearable.

The Little Things Matter

These are just a few of the many problems that students face every day. Delhi University is just a model for the hundreds of universities out there in India that, although they are premier institutions, still have these problems.

College would be so much better if occasionally we are greeted with happy staff members who love their job, if transportation is cheaper for students, or if the classrooms are spacious. In addition, a common wifi for the campus and A.C rooms will make studying experience easier and more convenient for all.

These are the little yet significant things that would make every student happy. Students already have a lot of pressure on their shoulders; it would be appreciated if they were not made to bear the price of studying as well.

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