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Nick Deflorio, founder of Onyx Forex, On How You Can Make $1,000 Per Day As A Beginner Trading The Financial Markets


As each year rolls, millions of beginners attempt trading in the financial markets, but most get their fingers burnt in the quest to achieving their goals. This is where Nick’s company focuses. When speaking with Nick, he mentioned “Most of them fall short of full mastery of the fundamental principles of trading. They are ignorant of the basic skills needed to produce success as they trade in financial markets” But here’s the thing… If you invest time and energy in educating yourself, you can exponentially increase your odds of success. 

Back in 2016, Nick was in real estate making good money, but he decided to break free from the “real estate prison” because he wanted a life of freedom and flexibility. Nick knew he wanted to quit. He just didn’t know what to do next. Coincidentally, he met a colleague who was making extra income on the side as a trader in the financial markets. From that moment, he was introduced to what he believes is the best way to make money online as a beginner. So he decided to quit his real estate business,and pursue trading as a lifestyle business. Just like anyone who is making a career change, Nick encountered a lot of challenges that pushed him to becoming the best trader he could ever be. Now, he is the founder of Onyx Forex, one of the largest and fastest growing trading education companies in the world. 

No doubt, the road to success in trading is long, hard and lonely. This is the reason why you have to get professional education on trading from experts like Nick. When the population of global members at Onyx Forex grew past 500, Nick realised that there are still many beginners like you who want guidance and quick results without being promised a broken dream. One of the reasons why he created an e-learning platform was that he wanted you to learn the expert secrets of trading in the financial market, and simply mimic his working strategy so you can achieve a daily income of $1000. Nick prides himself as an expert in financial trading who is laser-focused on your success as a beginner. During the global pandemic in 2020, Nick made over $250,000 in profits, and helped over 400 students break free from their solo incomes and now, they are making a lucrative $500-$1,000 day income with just a few clicks on their smartphone. 

Early in his career as a financial trader, Nick invested $30,000 on his own trading education to learn the skills to be able to create what is now a lucrative and bulletproof trading system. So, now he wants to give back; that is to teach beginners like you his blueprint to success. Getting consistent results for his students makes him motivated and inspired to continue this trading education program. Nick’s online course on trading is geared towards taking everyday people who are wanting a second income that creates an unmatchable lifestyle, take his already working strategy and learn from him.  

Anyone can start trading. In fact, you can venture into financial trading as long as you have a stable internet access, a great mastery of the concepts and some cash. However, the problem lies when you don’t have proper guidance. This problem gets solved when you join the Onyx e-learning platform and learn his system. Today, there is a major bottleneck in the financial trading industry for beginners: many people describe the learning curve as long and complicated. But that is not the case with Onyx Forex. At Onyx Forex, an easy-to-follow blueprint has been created so you can learn what has taken others 4+ years to learn within just 3 days of starting the course. This allows beginners like you to start with a small capital and no experience for 15-30 minutes a day, and turn this into a lucrative 6-figure online business within a year in a short time frame due to completely cutting out the learning curve.  

The truth is… you can do it. It is just simply by learning the strategy that you get from Onyx. This strategy requires you to analyze the markets on your smartphone or laptop in a short amount of time. So the question of interest now is: how can you make a 6-figure income from trading, and achieve exponential growth as a trader in the financial market? Read these 5 trading tips from Nick to get the answer: 

Learn Technical Analysis & Find Your Trading Edge.

How can you understand the inner workings of price action? There is no way you can do that without a robust technical analysis strategy. Technical analysis allows you to find extremely profitable trades everyday. Engaging in simple tasks like reading financial charts can give you a ton of experience in technical analysis which gives you a trading edge over your competitors. Financial traders are completely reliant on price action that can be unpredictable at times. So it is important to be on the top of your game with regards to technical analysis.

Learn How To Manage Monetary Risks

Risk management is a pivotal skill you need as a trader who is just starting out. You need to make sure you are actually increasing your account balance, not losing money. Financial articles in Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, CBS moneywatch have great information that can put you on a winning start as someone who is learning how to manage risks as a financial trader.

Exchange The Risks For Reward 

The financial markets comprises major marketplaces such as the forex, money, stock, and bond markets where trading of all kinds of securities occurs. As a beginner in financial trading, you need to ensure that your trading strategy converts risks into rewards. If you want to profit at least 3x the amount you risk, you must adopt a proven strategy to achieve that. 

This is very important especially if you are just new to trading. Unlike traders with tons of experience, you have a high chance of making costly mistakes. One way you can mitigate the uncontrollable cycle of loss is to set your risk per trade as a percentage of your trading capital. Secondly, you need to trade money you don’t need to live on. Putting unnecessary risks on your trading capital can cause emotional stress—the treat of financial loss like a hippo chasing you in the woods. Just like when you’re gambling at a casino, you can’t take all the money you bet. Similarly, if you can’t afford to lose some money in trading, then trading might be a nightmare for you.

The Onyx strategy is based on a 1:3 Risk To Reward Ratio, this means that in any given trade, you will be aiming to profit 3x the amount you are risking, this is when things get exciting when you are using the art of compounding growth to build your wealth.  

Have An Execution Strategy 

Having a mentor by your side to guide you, evaluate your strategy, and offer advice is highly recommended if you want to achieve results in record time. Anyone can be lectured on the theory of a trading strategy, but the key is to have a working strategy that delivers results and is easily executable. As a financial trader, you need to abandon the use of the buy-and-hold strategy and adopt those popular and result-driven strategies in active trading. 

Your goal is not to know everything there is about trading, your goal is to master your own strategy and execute on it consistently so you can see the wild profitability flow through your trading account.  

Invest In A Professional Trading Education Program 

The best advice Nick can give any beginner who wants to build a trading empire is that you should learn from an expert who is getting results so your money won’t go down the drain. There are many trading education programs around, but what differentiates Onyx Forex from others is the vibrant community of like-minded and goal-driven individuals who want to achieve success and live a life of financial freedom. 

You know trading can be lonely sometimes, but at Onyx, you will be treated as a member of the family. Also, the kind of support you will receive is unparalleled. In fact, Nick is committed to giving you an invaluable insight into the forex market, and the same strategies that he still uses to this today to create a multiple 6 figure income online. 

In Conclusion 

When you enrol in the Trading course at Onyx Forex, you will grow from a neophyte to a professional in Trading. You will also receive 24-hour assistance from Nick and his team of Senior Traders who offer easy-to-follow coaching and mentorship. Even though you’re just starting out and you have never touched a financial chart before, Nick’s e-learning platform contains virtually every single step to starting and executing a professional trading strategy in just 15-30 minutes a day. Some of his top earning students are full time workers and business owners who are still finding time to master this skill. 

While starting your trading journey with a grounded knowledge in the financial markets remains the first step to achieving your lofty goals, it does not cancel the aforementioned trading tips. As a beginner, you must read the charts, watch price actions, and create strategies for growth and progress. 

Ensure that you split-test these tips with paper trading, while making analytical calculations and modifications. Then make a deliberate effort to practice everything you learn from our e-learning hub. Just as the maxim says, “practice makes perfect.” It makes you discover those theories that work before you commit a huge amount of money. When you abide by these laws of trading, you would be on your path to becoming the next success story. 

Are you ready to learn Trading with Nick? Grab your seat here now at his free training event.

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