Summer is here and it is brutal in every possible way. The rains don’t necessarily seem to be making the situation any better as afterward, the weather is only more humid and icky.

That is where ice cream and all this junk food comes as our saviour, putting a smile on our faces and satisfying us fully. Sure they are not exactly the healthiest option, but who is saying to have them every single day?

Every once in a while is fine.

But enough rambling and let us get on to the latest food trend that is making summer seem just a little better and it is ice-cream doughnuts.

For a couple of years now, every year there has been those few memorable combinations in dessert industry that have made the whole world crazy. Be it the ‘cronut’ which was a combination of croissant and a doughtnut invented in New York City or the ‘cruffin’ a hybrid of a croissant and a muffin and even a ‘duffin’ which was a mix of doughnut and a muffin.

The ice-cream doughnuts are the latest addition to the hybrid dessert family and is just the thing we have been looking for this summer.

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Why Are Donuts And Ice Cream So Perfect Together?

So many of us love both doughnuts as well as ice cream, but while ice cream can only be had for so long and is also a little messy, doughnuts are just too warm for summers.

But in the latest invention to the dessert industry, this bakery in Los Angeles called B Sweet Dessert Bar has created an ice-cream filled doughnut that is named the ‘Halo’.

The interesting fact about the ‘Halo’ is that the bakery seals a scoop of ice cream inside a hot glazed doughnut. This combines two things we all love and crosses out all the negatives they had before.

The doughnut conceals the ice cream nicely, thus not making a big mess and the ice-cream cools down the doughnut to be had in summer.

At present this concoction is only available at this bakery for an average price of $5 which makes sense because these ‘Halos’ are made to order, meaning they are not pre-prepared and are freshly made right when you order.

This also allows you to get your favourite ice cream flavour put into your doughnut be it a simple vanilla or chocolate or even a complicated one like rocky road and more.

The bakery B Sweet also has a menu of about more than 40 bread pudding flavours that include Red Velvet and more that they continuously rotate to give something new to the customers.

But perhaps more important than anything is for this dessert to make its way to India. The fact that we can eat ice-cream without making a mess and have it inside of a donut is not something we should be missing out on.

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