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My family of 5 can live in Rs. 600 a month, Mrs. Dixit. T&C apply.


NYT2009022716513718CBy Ramneek Chawla

What ‘She’ Didn’t Mention….

So, Ms. Dixit claims that Rs. 600 a month is enough for a family of 5. Hmmm…..

I could not accept the fact at first but an ‘organized and structured’ level of thinking which our CM forgot to put light on, made me apprehend her idea. I concluded that yes, her statement is 100% true but with some hidden costs (as we commerce people term it).

She probably forgot to mention (old age effects, u see) a bunch of things to testify her “high-powered” statement.

These latent things were:

1.That family of 5 would in no case have a home of their own. They would probably make life in slums, footpaths, shelter homes and in worst cases, as nomads. I.e. that family would live a life of filth, disappointment, distress and agony.


  1. The children of that family would not have books to read, clothes to wear, toys to play with, medical aid to survive and they would, once they start walking, become a victim ofchild labor. Abuse, assaults, molestations would be the way of their life.


  1. The women of that family would live in a world of insecurity, being a regular victim of molestation, sexual assaults, eve teasing, prostitution etc. and even when she’d be kidnapped, raped or murdered, no policemen would raise his brow and concern himself to hear her cry.


  1. That family would be unable to arrange for even two meals a day. Bread and potato would be their only diet and that too only once in a new moon, other days, they’d have to explore some filthy dumpster. Yes, research says that bread and potato would give you all the nutrition you need but I wonder why the hell then Ms Dixit spends a lifetime on her food!!!


  1. The elderly of that family would end up fighting with diseases like cancer, typhoid, tuberculosis, dengue etc. and would never land on a bed in our country’s ‘good-for-nothing’ government hospitals and even if they do, they’d die unattended.

  1. That family would however, not be the ones who’d miss out on elections. Rather they’d have government cars escorting them to the booths. After that, they’d have only fake promises to pin their hopes on.


  1. That family would have no future and end up like any other family who can very well maintain their life in “Rs.600 a month”.

There would be loads of compromises or ‘adjustments’ (as Ms Dixit would call it) for that family, which she was addressing in her speech full of lame and imaginary claims. Introspecting, one would feel that how detached our politicians are from the very country they are ‘ruling’.

Supposedly Ms. Dixit’s old age is taking a toll on her, making her forget what actually matters. It would be interesting here to mention, that most of our politicians are elderly people!!!


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