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Mumbai Can Now Book An Ambulance Similar To Booking An Uber Or Ola


Taxi booking apps have ruled the domain for a long time now, especially coupled with uncooperative auto-drivers and these apps seemed godsend to many of us.

Now we no longer had to stand in wait for that one good auto wallah to say yes to us and take us to our destination and that too without charging an earth shattering high amount.

But it seems that Mumbaiites have their sight set on something bigger and better with the latest app being introduced there with which you can call or book an ambulance called Dial4242.

The process is not that difficult or complex as it is similar to booking an Uber or Ola wherein you can track and book the nearest ambulance with ease.

book an ambulance

Just like with any other taxi booking app, here too you need to select your pick up and drop location along with what type of ambulance you want.

One of the founder Jeetendra Lalwani, of the company Health Wheels Private Limited that launched this app in May 2016 that is last year, was quoted saying, “We offer basic, ICU and pediatric ambulances to transport patients out of station and to carry dead bodies.”

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And similar to when booking a taxi, the person who has booked the ambulance will get the basic details of the ambulance as well as the driver along with the feature of tracking the ambulance. The app also shows the estimated fare and time of arrival as per any similar booking app.

While the app is currently present only on Android, the company does plan to launch the iOS compatible version soon.

The company has tied up with about 200 ambulances all over Mumbai and get an approximate of 5 to 6 bookings in a day, according to reports.

The payment can be made in all forms of payment, be it card, cash or mobile wallet.

This is perhaps the most useful app out there as ambulance booking can really be of a lot of help to a lot of people out there.

Now, hopefully, one won’t have to wait for the hospital’s ambulance to arrive and can instantly book their own that would be closest to them.

So much time is wasted in the ambulance leaving from the hospital and trying to reach the patient, this could truly be a life-saving app.

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