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Mufti’s Kashmir Is Safer For Women Than Delhi As They Don’t Get Raped In Moving Cars!


The security of women in Delhi has been under scrutiny for a while now. Heck! There are memes going around about the rampant decline of women security in the capital. Adding another feather to that hat, the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir was seen firing shots over the state of women security in the capital. 

Recently at an event held in Delhi, CM of J&K Mehbooba Mufti was seen promoting the future of tourism in her home state by bringing down another, none other than the capital of the country she holds the citizenship of. 

Any place in the world, including Delhi, women are safest in my Kashmir. They move around in shikaras and houseboats. That’s the biggest thing my state can offer. As compared to any place in the world, including Delhi, women, and girls are safest; there is no fear of getting raped in a car.”, told Madam Mufti to a reporter in the event.

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What startled me more was that you could expect this kind of statement out of an ultra-leftist, claiming to be a liberal person such as Kanhiya Kumar, but not out of a leader of a state.

How easily Mrs. Mufti defined the safety of women on the grounds of number of reported rape cases in a state, makes me wonder if Kashmir is actually ‘safest’ for women after all.

Does safety only limits itself to less number of rapes? Doesn’t it cover other outrageous issues such as molestation, harassment and abuse? Because let me tell you Mrs. Mufti, even Kashmir isn’t spared by the wrath of those issues.

As per records held by the police in J&K there were about 1000 cases of domestic violence registered in 2013 and 2014 alone, which also included 15 dowry deaths.

The list also includes the Kunan and Poshpara mass rape, Asiya and Neelofar twin rape and death threats as well as a fatwa to all the members of the all-female rock band Pragaash.

Well now, it is quite clear that Madam Mufti should’ve probably taken a beat before going on a rave about the impeccable security served to women in Kashmir.

Besides that’s not even the main issue. What’s crucial is that we understand that there is a lot to improve when it comes to the security of women in the nation and we certainly don’t expect such ignorant behaviour on part of any leader of the country.

Constitution does bestow us with a right to free speech but don’t trespass it by showing the audacity to pass redundant and derogatory remarks, especially in matters involving the nation.

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