New Delhi (India), February 17: Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva University (MSSV) of Assam has evolved as the People’s University of North-East India in its true form. Today, it’s a very popular university of Assam, owing to its advanced academics and co-curricular. Established back in 2013 by the Srimanta Sankaradeva Sangha of Assam, it is the contribution of over forty lakh followers of the Sangha in keeping this university running. Not only this, but the university also got humongous and continuous support from the Government of Assam. So, it is the combined efforts of both the Sangha and the Assam governments that have helped in bridging the higher education gap in Assam while taking the university to new heights. 

Now, in line with the NEP 2020, the University is planning to introduce various professional and skill-based courses to help students get ahead in every format. However, the main focus is to spearhead legal education and make an adept team of professors who can lead the front. 

To introduce these professional courses in accordance with necessary guidelines, the Dy. Registrar (Admin) of the University, Dr. Shekhar Kanti Sarkar, met the Bar Council of India (BCI) Chairman, Mr. Apurba Kumar Sharma at the BCI Head Office in New Delhi. The meeting turned out to be successful, and now the University will soon come up with additional professional legal courses.

Although, the university is already successfully running the Master of Law (LLM) and PhD in Law programmes since 2017 and over three (3) law research scholars have already completed their research in law and will finally be conferred with a PhD in Law degree. Dr. Sarkar believes that the inclusion of new legal courses will open doors for more and better opportunities for students looking to pursue law as their professional career.

Of late, people have started understanding the potential of the law field and are now considering it more seriously. Law is one of the most flexible and all-season courses. There is always a high demand for good lawyers in the market and hence, there will never be a job crunch. According to Dr. S.K Sarkar, students who study law develop commendable skill sets, which are sure to take them higher in the field. 

The students won’t just learn the legal part but will also develop a different personality. Their speaking skills, presentation skills, the art of convincing, persuasive skills and the ability to read and take up more knowledge will be honed as a whole. They will also get the best hands-on training either through mock setups or in actual courtrooms. 

It is said that one who studies law is known to get the best wisdom. Dr. Shekhar Kanti Sarkar believes that nobody can fool an individual who has studied law. Once you know what you are capable of, you will proceed with caution and confidence at the same time. 

Preparing oneself for the worst-case scenario is something that a law student learns from the very beginning. Law students will learn to work with contingency plans in case of crisis, and these life lessons can only be obtained through legal studies.

All in all, there’s great potential in the legal field, and students enrolling in legal courses are sure to witness a bright future. 

Considering the boom in the law industry, Dr. S K Sarkar thinks it is the right time to introduce more legal courses as it will rekindle the competitiveness of the students who want to enrol themselves in the law field. Their enthusiasm is going to help them score better and graduate with flying colours. 



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