New Delhi (India), December 26: While Mrs India 2023 2022 Winners Quest is on at Mrs India Official Pageant by Deepali Phadnis, Mrs India 2022 Winner Dr Anita Mishra has been Crowned at the World Finals of Mrs Asia International 2022 2023 hosted in Thailand. Mrs India Dr Anita Mishra, who is now the New Mrs Asia International 2022 2023, is elated to Welcome Mrs India Finalists 2023 2022 on the Board of the 10th Edition of Mrs India; not just a Model, She is a Role Model. Gynaecologist by Profession Dr Anita Mishra won Two Subtitles at Mrs Asia International in Talent Round, Popularity. 

Mrs India Dr Anita Mishra dressed in the Avatar of Goddess, which was very challenging as Dr Anita Mishra believed that If I am dressing like a Goddess, I have to ensure the sanctity of Goddess is maintained. Mrs India Dr Anita Mishra didn’t consume meat for a Month and continued all rituals before adorning herself in National Costume at Mrs Asia International 2022 2023.

Mrs India’s Talent round amazed the Audience as Queen danced to Chhamma Chhamma Song. Dr Anita Mishra replicated the entire Dance Costume that weighed around 20 Kgs, “When Music started, and I saw the audience I felt so weightless and danced like no one is watching me “  said Dr Anita Mishra.

Mrs India Pageants has completed 10 Years, Celebrating the achievements of Indian Married Women and encouraging sustainable lifestyles in many ways, awareness about Textile Pollution, Conservation of Wildlife and Consumption of local holistic food.

Being Mrs Asia International 2023, Dr Anita Mishra will Join “Bring Back Millets to our Plates” along with Mrs India’s Director Deepali Phadnis, supported by The Spice Club. Through this Millet Mission, Mrs India will promote the Consumption of Millets in our day-to-day life.

Dr Anita Mishra has to Donn many hats for the Year 2023 as Mrs India Winner and Mrs Asia International Winner, Doctor Gynaecologist who is a mother to many children through adoption. As Dr Anita Mishra Is not only about a Beautiful Face but a Beautiful heart too. Mrs India Pageants would like to Congratulate and wish all the love to our beloved Queen, Mrs India and Mrs Asia International 2022 2023, Dr Anita Mishra.

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