New Delhi (India), May 31: The Indian market has wholeheartedly welcomed the new startups and has given new vistas to the coming brands. Such an Indian brand is Doorstep Wash which serves customers in the sector of car cleaning and detailing. This brand is a doorstep service provider for cars, including cleaning and detailing. The brand is currently the owner of more than 50 centers across the country, and in its expansion cycle, it has just launched its authorized center at Kachna Main Road in Raipur. This center is a collaboration between the company and Mr. Pulkit Patwari and started working on the 30th of April. DSW also has a countable customer base in Turkey and Nepal and is planning to expand it to other Asian countries.

Doorstep Wash is the leading brand in the car cleaning and detailing sector. It is currently the only company to provide such services at the doorsteps of customers. The focus of the company is to reduce the hassle while getting the vehicle serviced. DSW only ensures that the cleanliness of the surrounding area is maintained and the environment remains untouched and unharmed. To facilitate booking its services, Doorstep Wash has launched its web portal with an easy-to-use interface in addition to its toll-free number through which the services can be availed.

Doorstep Wash got its structure from the professionals of its parent company The expert professionals from Phixman put in all their efforts to shape the structure of our company DSW. Not only this, our skilled technicians and the high-end portable machines complete the family of our company. They turn our concept of doorstep cleaning into a reality at the ground level.

The company has seen a growth of manifolds since its inception and is currently progressing in the sector. It is also welcoming investors and business persons to become their partners and the owner of the company’s authorized centers. Doorstep Wash guarantees that this is a lifelong investment. Also, it provides aid during the initial stage of an establishment.



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