New Delhi (India), July 10: Zixdo is now a doorstep service-providing brand that has made its place in the Indian markets and among its customers. Being in the expansion phase, the company has just launched its authorized service center in Gwalior in partnership with the local citizen Mr. Gaurav Chaddha. With the launch of this center on 06th June, the company has also launched a new service named Wipe My Ride or WMR. The company was initially providing wet washes for the four-wheelers, but now it is also providing dry washes.  

Zixdo, a part of, is the largest chain to provide doorstep cleaning and detailing services for cars. The company provides its services for all car models of all brands. The systematic working of the company ensures that no customer returns unsatisfied. It also ensures that the company the services of the company can be easily availed by all. The company has taken another step forward by launching its website through which the services like cleaning, wet wash, dry wash, detailing, etc can be booked at the time a customer desire to get a service at their doorsteps. The toll-free number of the company is still available for bookings. 

The complete organization of the company includes ints experts and professionals who look after the workflow of the company and the technicians that ensure the services for the customers. These technicians are equipped with high-end portable machines that make their jobs easier. The technicians also make sure that the environment and the cleanliness of the surrounding is not disturbed during the service. 

With more than 120 service centers, the chain is the largest in its sector. It is now looking to expand its centers to other cities in India, and so is looking for business partners. Interested citizens can reach out to them through their website or toll-free number. Zixdo ensures to provide aid and assistance during the initial phase.


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