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Mohalla Clinics Can Be A Remarkable Success, If The Authorities Don’t Mess With It!


By Pankaj Rawat

It was a great initiative, as appreciated by all when Delhi government came up with its flagship initiative of giving free primary healthcare services to all people.

But little did I know that a noble initiative in our nation doesn’t reach to its pinnacle until our so pseudo experts don’t obstruct it.


A primary health care clinic concept, which would help people of a colony/neighborhood to go for different tests at one place, so it could cut a chunk of burden over big hospitals, was an idea with which first Mohalla Clinic was started in Punjabi Bagh in June, 2015.

1,000 such clinics was an aim of Delhi government till 31st March, 2017 but statistics show that only 107 clinics till day have been opened.

What it has for us?

– 33 common tests at one place: – Can anybody imagine this with the help of Swasthya Slate (a mobile tablet) mohalla clinics were equipped with the facility of taking 33 type of tests, that means no need for us to go hospitals for initial diagnosis, no need to waste our time and no wage loss for our daily wage laborers.

 – Cloud based patient’s Medical history: I firmly used to think that quack medical practitioners were more concerned about our life than our government who never used to lay stress on hearing us patiently.

But with the option of medical history being on cloud, it will help in breaking the back of medical negligence cases.

And the list goes on; ease of referral system due to easy transfer of medical history is an imperative of it.

With, this having so much to give, authorities in command decided to give it a major elevation, and you wonder how they did it, they put a halt on it?

MCD on its footpath Card

MCD, if ideally explained, would go like, “Mired with Corruption disease”. With itself, being at the onset of being solvent, it decided to play a card of “footpath blockade” to stop this scheme to realize its goal.

But it failed to realize that the land area which was acquired on footpath, was acquire by giving an ample space for the people to use the footpath and it was being used for public welfare, not for an illegal purpose, since MCD doesn’t pay heed to illegal constructions on footpath but yeah it got irked on the welfare of public.

Ex-LG restricted, New LG passed

I rather found it amusing, that Our Ex- Lieutenant Governor put a roadblock on the placing of such clinics in 300 government schools, deeming that the provision of opening such clinics would be contravening the provisions of Delhi School Education Act.

But our new governor readily passed it with giving an order to government to follow all necessary instructions while operating such clinics there. Is it the blessing of centre for Delhites or is it a regular administrative act? It is seldom to see such decision, yeah…

Land, Land and Land, the holy trinity.

This holy trinity has created enough mess in Delhi, demolishing of many porta-cabins based Mohalla clinics was a blessing of it.

Land in Delhi is under the aegis of pious DDA, which welcomes illegal tenements and encroachment but is skeptical enough for the allotment of land for public welfare.

I have often heard in Delhi that if you have land, you have power, well that also proves right in case of Delhi government, so poor.

Pseudo-Critics, a burp of nonsense intellect

You would have listened to them, you would have lauded them, and you would have deemed them sacrosanct since they were able to daunt you through their opinions, but you should be careful because our critic community sometimes lose its mastery on certain areas and burps fake ideas just to maintain their critic status.

As some health honchos put it like this, “Old wine in a new bottle”.

But they were drunk enough to know its benefit, it is very different from existing government dispensaries which are not having the concept of efficient use of resources.

Despite of all hurdles, the latest high-five came to this scheme from LG of Delhi who passed the provision of opening such clinics in government schools. This may seem bad to pseudo-critics, but it is good for a common Indian, still struggling with health security.

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