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Modern House: How Modern Family Is The New Full House


By Arpita Mahapatra

Each of us has an all-time favourite when it comes to sitcoms. No matter how many fandoms you are part of, there is that one show which you wish was a person so that you could marry it and be together. #UntilDeathDoUsPart

And then there’s often a TV show that makes you feel like you are home. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy no matter what kind of mood you might have been in earlier. Usually, it’s a light-hearted comedy which can both lift your spirits and remind you what it is that is truly important in life- family.

There will never be a show like Full House. Okay, maybe except its sequel, but without the Olsen Twins *who are increasingly getting on everyone’s nerves with their Holier-Than-Thou attitude* Fuller House might not be the same.

On the other hand, one can’t help but draw a comparison between Full House and our very own Modern Family– one of the most unique ‘family’ shows which can send you rolling on the floor laughing.


Because when hilarity and family are put together, you either get a Full House or a Modern Family and there’s no in-between.

Here are parallels between some of the characters from each show:

  1. Joey- Phil:
  • The ‘court jesters’.
  • Like an overgrown kid with a heart of gold; always coming up with original and creative jokes. #ChuckyTheClown
  • Love playing pranks and magic tricks. #BeholdTheInHouseHoudini
  • Goof up more than once per episode.

 (Seriously, get a grip you guys!)



  1. Danny- Mitch:
  • The most responsible, sensible, sensitive and amiable ones in the two groups. #CuddlyBears
  • Got obsessive habits. #OCDisLife
  • Reliable and lovable.
  • The kind easiest to find in real life and therefore very relatable.

(And yeah, I know, we’ve all wondered at some point whether Danny is secretly gay.)



  1. Rebecca- Gloria:
  • The most charming.
  • Complete opposites of their husbands. (If somebody crosses these chicas, they be burnin’ in hell)
  • Look phenomenally beautiful the more they age. #PuttingVampiresToShame
  • Assertive as hell!



  1. Stephanie- Haley:
  • Show the greatest change in character: go from sweet to rebellious and vice versa. #WeDontNeedNoEducation
  • The most stylish and fit kids in the family. #LetsWorkThatBody
  • Possess unconventional talents.




  1. DJ- Alex:
  • Nerdy birdies.
  • Self- conscious because of their looks. #BeautyAintMyThang
  • The most mature kids in their respective families #MissKnowItAlls

(The I-Am-Beautiful-But-I-Don’t-Know-It Squad.)



Agree? Disagree? Tell us your opinion in the comment section below!

(All pictures have been taken from Google Images)

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