Interestingly, if you have spent an awful amount of time pondering over the most absurd ideas to unlock a new theory or cracked a new case by figuring things out, you have clearly done what can be called “mental masturbation”. 

It is not known who really came up with the term originally, it could be Lord Byron or Fitzgerald but a guy named Linus Torvalds rekindled it at some point.

Urban Dictionary defines the term ‘mental masturbation’ as ‘The act of engaging in useless yet intellectually stimulating conversation, usually as an excuse to avoid taking constructive action in your life.’

It further states- ‘Intellectual activity that serves no practical purpose. Excessively theoretical, and therefore a distraction from more practicable matters’.

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However, the whole essence of mental masturbation hasn’t been captured well when we read its definition. 

Certainly, our eager mental masturbator loves to procrastinate through the weirdest conspiracies and theories while supporting their stance with as many numbers and facts. One borders on being ‘self-indulgent’ as they stroke their intellect towards great pleasures while being involved in this art of self-gratification.

If you’ve ever skimmed through opinionated or literary social media handles, you’ve been exposed to many such mental masturbators who seem to seduce you with their theories and entertain fanciful ideas in your brain too. 

It is completely an art of its own and something we’ve all been guilty of engaging in at one point or have at least come across individuals who overthink themselves to death with this. 

Regardless, it’s fair to comment that mental masturbation opens you to exhibitionism and you can’t help but pull people to hear your theories and have an audience that stimulates you to gratification even more. 

While it’s an insidious nature of this dark habit, it doesn’t really mean there’s anything awful or bad about it. In fact, it is how you nurture your mind and give it ammunition to march forward.

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