Adrenaline pumps as the timer counts down, ideas take on a rudimentary shape, and a day of gruesome work results in something that no one could have envisioned. Megathon, India’s largest student organized hackathon, held on 28th-29th September is the destination for 800+ young visionaries. 

E-Cell IIIT Hyderabad’s 4th Edition of Megathon, is all set to break its own high standards with an amazing lineup of sponsors each pioneers in their industry and inarguably game changers in the field along with prizes worth of 4 lakhs!

Started in 2016, Megathon was organized with the intention of promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship and development among the student community in and around the city. It has gotten bigger and more successful over the years; drawing 450 participants in its first year, and upwards of 600 in its second.

Students will work with mentors from these companies over a span of 24 hours to solve problems of the present. With expert advice, midnight snacks, and a lush campus, ideating and hacking could never have been better.

The entrepreneurship cell of IIIT-Hyderabad (one of India’s premier research institutes), the organizers of Megathon began with humble intentions but over the past few years, connections with India’s largest incubators and partnerships with major companies on events have propelled Megathon into the big leagues of Indian hackathons. 

Any current university student may participate by registering at https://www.thecollegefever.com/events/megathon-2019-onsite.

But why just come for the hackathon? Any visit to IIIT Hyderabad would be amiss without a tour of its highly rated labs, or even a visit to the historic city of Hyderabad.

Megathon is not just a competition, it is an experience for all to have. By virtue of talent, location, and sheer fun, Megathon is guaranteed to thrill newcomers and experienced participants alike!

An amazing opportunity to test your problem solving skill, Megathon gives you an experience of a lifetime and a platform to make your solution recognised. And don’t forget the awesome goodies you’ll take home! So, pull up your socks, think out of the box and get ready to hack!

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