F1 racing might not have a huge following in India yet, but for these students at Vellore Institute of Technology in Tamil Nadu, it’s their daily grind.

Zuura Formula Racing is a team which competes in FSAE competitions, making open cockpit F1 cars. FSAE is organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers, whose aim is to take engineering students out of the conventional textbook paradigm of learning and to thrust them into the practical world.

FSAE competitions draw around 13,00 participants annually.

In these competitions, there are challenging restrictions on car frame, engine etc which tests the creators’ knowledge, skill, creativity, and skill.

These competitions are held nationally and internationally and judge the participants on the design cost, handling, performance, and endurance. There are events such as technical inspection, cost analysis, presentation, engineering, design, solo performance trials, and high performance track endurance.

As for Zuura, it has been participating regularly in such competitions since 2014. Starting with their first car, the ZFR-01, they have continuously improved their designs over the decades to finally create the ZFR-05 in 2017.

In FS Australasia, it secured the 13th rank internationally among IC cars and the 20th rank overall. It also secured the 10th place in cost analysis and 7th place in the business presentation event.

It is also the only Indian team to clear the technical inspection round twice consecutively in the history of the competition.

Zuura plans to take their design to the next level with further iterations and participate and hopefully win in many more competitions, both in India and abroad.

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