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Mumbai (Maharashtra), [India] March 15: Dr Tofiq Bohra, a leading Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and specialist in TMJ Arthroscopy & Total TM Joint Replacement, has revealed that Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is a growing concern in India, affecting millions of people. Dr Bohra is the founder of Maxillofacial Surgery India (MSI), an Advanced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Centre in Mumbai that is leading the way in the treatment of TMJ Disorders and Arthroscopy.

TMJ Disorders are problems related to the TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint, which is responsible for opening and closing the mouth. These disorders can be debilitating, causing orofacial pain and a reduction in mouth opening that can make it difficult to chew food.

At MSI, Dr Bohra and his team follow the mantra “Take care of the patient and everything else will follow.” They use a holistic approach to manage TMJ Disorders, offering both conservative and surgical options, along with pain medication. Thanks to state-of-the-art minimally invasive TMJ surgery modalities, MSI can bridge the gap between conservative TMJ management and open joint surgery.

Dr Bohra explains that TMJ issues are complicated, and even an MRI may not point out the problem. There are two worlds in TMJ treatment – conservative and surgical – and it is essential to understand the kinds of TMD that exist. TMDs can be myogenous (muscular) or arthrogenous (internal derangement), with internal derangement being the most common problem inside the TMJ. In this condition, the TM joint may be in multiple stages of Wilkes classification of a Displaced Disc with reduction or without reduction. With reduction means that the Disc Returns back to the original position during and after the movement is done. Without reduction means that it does not return to position and is stuck in a particular position and is hindering the movement that the joint needs to perform. In this process of Displacement the Joint forms adhesions that further restrict the movement of the Disc. These adhesion form between the Disc and surrounding structures. Studies have shown a correlation between internal derangement and osteoarthritis.

Maxillofacial Surgery India (MSI) is one of the leading TMJ management centres in Mumbai, dealing with complex TMJ & orofacial pain management cases. Patients’ reviews speak for themselves, highlighting the plight of those who have undergone a traumatic experience visiting multiple doctors before finding the right place for treatment.

With the rise in TMJ disorders in India, the work of Maxillofacial Surgery India (MSI) is more important than ever. Dr Bohra and his team are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care, using the latest techniques and technology to help them overcome their TMJ disorders and improve their quality of life.

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