India in undoubtedly in an utter state of unrest and chaos lately.

Following the recent happenings, it’s obligatory for our political leaders to speak up and bring in the much needed reforms. The Houses of Parliament have been cramped up with debate sessions revolving around the burning topics.

Be it the Hyderabad rape case, the Unnao tragedy or the Constitution Amendment Bill, the opposition is fearlessly targeting the government and demanding answers for the same during the assigned Lok Sabha sessions.

While the government is facing flak over such enraging issues, Smriti Irani, comes to their rescue by playing in a new strategy by defying the allegations put up by opposition.

What Makes Me Say That?

The recent fall of events have evidently proved that the BJP leader has twice dissolved the agenda of the debate into a political argument by putting up trivial allegations on the opposition.

On 6 December, 2019, the Lok Sabha was in an uproar over the agenda of woman safety and increasing crime in the country, seeking answers from the governance.

Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhry asked the house that, “On the one hand a temple of maryadapurush is being built (in Ayodhya) but we are also witnessing Sita being set on fire. While there are claims of making Uttar Pradesh ‘uttam pradesh’, in reality, UP has become ‘adharm pradesh’.”

Smriti Irani very cleverly diverted the agenda into accusing the opposition for their wrong behaviour and communal bigotry saying, “The rape and killing of women is inhumane, but do not politicise the issue. No one has ever communalised the issue in this house,” at the same time avoiding the bigger problems upfront.

Not only this, instead of focusing over the agenda and talking about the same, she stole all the limelight and accused two Congress leaders of “threatening behaviour” and demanded an apology for the same.

Consequently, the house was adjourned and the dramatic debate was publicised by the media while the real agenda went unacknowledged.

Not Once But Twice

While Congress criticized the same and stated, that, ‘BJP has raked up this issue, post-lunch, deliberately,’ subtly hinting the dirty tactic played by the politician, we encounter another similar stance in the House.

Smriti Irani seems to have pulled off a similar sport yet again by targeting Rahul Gandhi for one of his statements delivered during a rally in Jharkhand.

While the entire nation is protesting over the introduction of the unlawful Constitution Amendment Bill and opposing the government, Smriti Irani seem to be disturbed by a statement made by Rahul Gandhi and called the media for the same.

Whereas, she seems to be completely okay with the current situation of the country, the ongoing massive protests, internet ban, civilian outrage, army deployment etc and has got nothing to say about it.

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Rahul Gandhi in one of his rallies on 12 December, 2019 opposed the Modi Government by targeting their ‘Make in India’ project as ‘Rape In India’ ; considering the rapid increase in rape crimes lately.

Smriti Irani moulded the statement in a dramatic way during the zero hour session of the Lok Sabha and mentioned, “A leader is giving a clarion call that Indian women should be raped,” accusing the Congress leader yet again and giving an absolute baseless turn to a potentially crucial discussion. Misquoting at its best!

Not only this, she demanded an apology from Rahul Gandhi over his demeaning statements  and targeted him for politicising the issue followed by registering a compliant with the ECI in the name of the Congress leader.

When inquired about the same, Rahul refused to apologize and said, Just to deflect attention from protests in Northeast, this is being made an issue by the BJP.”

The Grave Issue Reasoning Out The Argument

It’s ironic to see how her blood boils for some random comment made by Gandhi in a campaign but not when women are raped and burnt.

Where is she then?

No complaint. No ruckus in the house. No apology.

As a young Indian citizen, it is absolutely disheartening to see how our leaders act in times of crisis.

We understand and clearly see this new strategy. Whenever some question calling out the BS of the government is asked, Ms. Irani misquotes, lies, ambushes and pounces on the opposition with false claims and crazy ruckus. She basically gets in an attack mode to silence any questioning

Smriti Irani who happens to be a person with an authority gets infuriated when an opposition targets their governance but she is okay to see its citizens die and suffer. Instead, she chooses to invest her energy into baseless arguments when the entire nation is burning and require immediate resolution in actions.

We indeed have a lot to learn from them in terms of duping people covertly.

All I ask these leaders is that-

Where is your integrity?

Where is your democracy?

Do you not care about your citizens? Or all you can care about is winning your vote bank by bringing the opposition down?

I wonder what fate my country holds if its leaders are to opt for dirty tactics to silence the opposition at a point where justifications and explanations are much needed.

We don’t know if it’s all covetously planned by the government and is deliberately done but talking about vote banks and personal politics when the nation is in a fragile state and needs answers, is alarming enough to hint at the impending doom.

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Sources: India Today, Economic Times

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