Checking up your Instagram feed is one of the first things we all do when we wake up every morning. It is fun to see what every one has been up to. Checking your DMs (direct messages) and accepting or sending requests is a given.

But recently every online account holder woke up to a new surprise; losing followers and following.

Today as a daily routine, when I opened my account, I noticed the difference in following and followers number. I had lost almost 20-25 followers and my following number had gone down in the same range. And later it went back up to almost 30 following with the followers number still down.

I saw my friend’s account too. Her account, till yesterday had around 850 followers and now it is down to 770. Observing this I realised that I wasn’t alone whose account had been hit with this new cleansing of sorts.


This was not just targeted towards people belonging to only 1 country or users under one government, it happened to people across the whole globe.

Mallika Dua, an IG artist called out the official business handle of Instagram and reported the issue claiming to have lost almost 20k followers.

She also claimed that people with fake and bought followers were unharmed.

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Other followers of Mallika Dua also came forward and shared how they too lost followers.

Rohan Joshi also posted a story of the issue, in a humorous way.

Many people took to Twitter to express their anger and frustration towards the changes that took place last night.

Celebrities had taken the biggest hit, making them lose following by millions.

It was also speculated online by some fans of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, who are among the most followed Instagram accounts, that they had lost about 3 and 2 million followers respectively.

Artist and YouTuber James Charles, himself tweeted about losing followers.


Many such changes in algorithm and updates have been done before the tech giant, but this would be the first time that such a drastic change had been brought into motion without any notice or announcement.

Many complains have been reported but no official statement has been released yet by the company.

Nobody is sure if the changes made was an official move or not but the affect is worldwide.

Some users have speculated that Instagram is sweeping out inactive or fan accounts. Instagram itself lost millions of followers.

The dip in the followers seems to be a technical glitch according to some sources. Similar thing is seemed to be observed on Twitter, where number of retweets have gone down.

Many users have also stated that the wiping out is done to make sure the spam and bot accounts are no longer active on the Facebook-owned social media platform.

As there is no official reason or update announced therefore it is still hard to pick out reasons.

According to one account on IG;

“Number of followers is apparently still the same, it is just reflecting the lesser number.”

But nonetheless it seems that many people will spend a restless night to make peace with lost followers.

What are your thoughts on it?

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