By Chitra Rawat

Mallika Dua is not funny and observing the quality of comedy that she produces these days, I don’t think there is much scope for her to invite laughter in the near future. She is a good actor, to some extent. I can give her that bit. But comedy? I doubt.

Her jokes are recycled and unimaginative, and seems like the only amount of creativity that ever goes in her sketches is when she collaborates with AIB on a script that the comedy group provides.

mallika dua

Nepotism kicks in

Mallika Dua is journalist Vinod Dua’s daughter – everyone knows that bit. It can be because of that she always had opportunities open to herself. Mallika Dua has done a significant number of interviews with leading newspapers in a time when other female comedians like Aditi Mittal and Neeti Palta struggle to find a space. There is definitely something off there.

While we can admire that it could be because of her comedy, I do not really see why we should ignore the amount of capital she is able to manage to build herself in the market. It does occur from the complex, wired network.

Added to this, nepotism is not simply promoting kith and kin in their ventures. If we think of nepotism that way, it is wrong. Nepotism, like racism, refers to an entire system where a person benefits because they are associated with someone established in the industry. Nepotism is not JUST isolated cases. It is a framework, it is a setup where the privileged cannot fall because they can fall back on their associations.

mallika dua

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It is nearly impossible for a layperson to attain the kind of fame and recognition that she has achieved – being a guest at IIFA or a judge at The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, although there are clearly so many comedians that could have been given this opportunity to do so.

When you come to think of it, it makes sense why Baba Sehgal has not achieved the kind of mad success as Mallika Dua has – he does not have powerful contacts to establish himself, and this is why he is only limited to Facebook shares and YouTube subscribers.

Mallika Dua has worked in the advertising world for three years. Of course, she knows her audience a tad too well. And remember, we are an audience that revels in Dhinchack Pooja and Bol Na Aunty Aun Kya?. Maybe we can feel sorry for ourselves here.

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