Noida, February 26: Webuters Technologies is an end-to-end cloud consulting and development firm that helps businesses strategically leverage their IT infrastructures to thrive in a digitized world. Its mission is to help businesses thrive by turning IT into a strategic asset that drives business outcomes, from increasing customer retention, optimizing customer experience, improving customer service delivery, and ensuring the security of the organization’s data and assets.

In 2022, cloud computing will be the key to unlocking productivity worldwide. “The adoption of cloud computing will accelerate in the next 5 years, as businesses streamline to consumer habits and embrace digital marketing. Cloud hosting and email services will help small businesses cut costs, while mobile cloud apps will allow large enterprises to engage with customers on the go. With this predicted growth, businesses must learn about the benefits and risks of migrating to the cloud — and plan their cloud storage accordingly,” says Krishna Bhatt, the CEO of Webuters.

He further explains, “We expect to see a shift in focus from improving specific cloud tools to more holistic strategies centered on enterprise cloud migration. As enterprises seek to optimize their workforces, they will be increasingly interested in enterprise solutions that have been developed specifically for business.”

In an era when many businesses are shifting toward more secure and regulated data privacy policies, new features have been added to help companies meet those standards. If a company chooses between an on-demand public cloud solution and a private cloud, the former is often the better choice. A public cloud solution allows for all sorts of flexibility, and scaling costs are usually low. But, of course, private cloud solutions do have their place — especially for companies that must adhere to strict security or regulatory standards.

He also highlights how he uses the newest innovation in his cloud computing, “There are many companies out there that use machine learning to automate and improve their customer experience. Webuters Technologies is one of them — and it’s the most advanced. The company’s conversational AI software gathers data on the customer and leverages it to provide a single point of contact for all issues that a business might run into. By making customer service so easy, Webuters Technologies guarantees that its customers will have a wonderful experience with the company.”

When asked about the new trend of Serverless cloud computing, he pointed out. “Serverless cloud is a relatively new concept that’s becoming increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes. The serverless cloud allows companies to deploy applications and services without the use of virtual machines (VMs); rather, they create their own custom VM instances when developers need to scale up or scale down capacity.”

As new as it is, serverless cloud computing is one of the biggest game-changers in the cloud services industry. Companies are rapidly shifting to serverless apps, and it’s projected that the market will see a growth of 89% by 2023. As a result, serverless computing will soon be standard for businesses worldwide.

Cloud computing has always been a pillar of technological change — the backbone for exchanging services and information among tech-savvy clients. However, new opportunities to access cloud computing are now available, making it simple and more user-friendly. Moreover, the next generation of cloud technology is emerging with the concept of serverless computing — which works like an on-demand, scalable solution.

Krishna Bhatt concluded how Webuters plans to adapt to the new trends, “Digitization has changed the way businesses operate — it is no longer a choice anymore, but a necessity. And as Digitization continues to spread, businesses need to update their IT infrastructure to remain competitive and relevant in the market. Webuters understands this and aims to help companies embrace Digitization and use it to their advantage.”


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