Kaun Banega Crorepati has been one of the much-awaited shows of 2018. The entertaining question-answer show gives us some sort of new dose of information and drama of course.

But certain questions posed on the show in the past have made us question the research team of KBC, and this time it’s nothing different.

The show is based on the concept that knowledge could get you anywhere in life. It also brings forth the lives of the commoners on a public platform.

Watching quiz shows would only add to a viewer’s awareness. The viewers have nothing to lose here. We thought that KBC must be maintaining some standard but it ends up questioning:


Kudos to the contestant who got the answer right. But KBC, seriously?

Amitabh Bachchan asks which film star Alia Bhatt has not yet kissed on screen.

Does this question deserve to be in the competition?

The show is supposed to emphasize the need for education and this converts into a wonderful message to spread across in a country like India.

It’s usually fun when questions related to movies, actors of popular films and identification questions are being asked. But questions like these make us question the research team.

I get it that the quiz show gives a platform to the common man to win money and transform his/her own life is no less than a social cause. But questions like these won’t increase the common man’s awareness. It is supposed to be a game of knowledge. Not a gossip hub.

Reality TV is a huge part of our television viewing culture. The audience seems to enjoy such drama. Even if they’re aware of it, they don’t mind it. It adds spice to their lives. They like to be acknowledged for their prediction of the outcome or can gossip about it with their friends.

This is a quiz show but is clearly doing absurd things to gather TRP’s. Instead of knowledge-based questions, all we are countering is poverty porn and gossip associated with the Bollywood culture of India.

Amitabh Bachchan truly takes the spotlight of the show. He is currently shooting with Alia Bhatt for their upcoming film Brahmastra and should also give a second thought about the question he asked.

We wonder what Alia feels about this question and whether Amitabh Bachchan is comfortable if such questions are asked about Aishwarya instead of Alia.

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There have been other cases where silly questions have been asked on the show.

“Which of these is not a web browser?”

The options were Firefox, Opera, Facebook, and Chrome.

There was another question in which the contestant was asked:

“Which of these options will you not find on Google homepage?”

Orkut, Gmail, Facebook, and YouTube were the options.

Alia Bhatt shared the screen with these actors.

How is the reality show a biased one?

People of lower or middle-class background are usually preferred on the hotseat. Every contestant has some sad story or family issues. This gives the show a reason to gain sympathy.

There was a contestant from Dadri who made it to the hotseat. His video showed his interest in quizzing and the competitions he had won. The questions he was given were trickier. He had to use lifelines in the first 3-4 questions.

“Lock Kiya Jaye?” has lost its beauty because after every few minutes the struggling story of the contestant is being shown rather than the question.

30-35% of the money won on the reality show is to be paid as tax. Even if you win a huge amount the Income-tax department will reduce the prize money. Sushil Kumar in an interview said that after winning 5 crores on KBC he was only left with 3.5 crores with him.

I believe that the show was supposed to be about how good you are at general knowledge but they say that there’s nothing general about general knowledge. Instead, the show is becoming a source of gossip rather than an actual quizzing game after such instances.

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Sources: QRIUS, Wikipedia, India.com

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