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Kapil Sharma’s Fight Is More Important Than SRK Launching Bone Marrow Transplant Centre


You all know how certain news pieces just go viral, with practically every news channel and media house reporting on it. And that too on a practically daily basis, discussing and dissecting almost every angle and side of it, as if of national importance.

However, many of them very conveniently neglect the more optimistic and good news pieces and they go uncovered and unreported.

While almost the entire country or at least the digital part of the country was deeply invested in the whole Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover fight, there was something good happening at the same time.

Shah Rukh Khan has recently launched the Bone Marrow Transplant and Birthing Centre at the Nanavati Hospital.

But I found that barely any major online media had reported it, barring one or two, obligatory ones that laid down just the basic news of it all.


So You Saying That The Kapil Sharma Fight Was More Important?

I was sick of the entire Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover fight the very second I heard of it. Because frankly speaking it was such a small and petty issue that was being blown so very entirely out of proportion.

Facebook posts were being made, their co-actors were being interviewed on what happened, discussion were being held about the entire matter.

Are you seriously kidding me?

These are 2 co-workers in a creative field, and apparently even have a bit of competition between them, none of that is big news. These kind of fights and creative differences always happen, so why was this being made a news of national importance?

And not just that, but even the divorce of Brangelina, the 2 kids walking into the interview of their father, all were being treated as if they really made a difference to our lives.

Why exactly am I being fed all this stupid crap?

Facebook Why You Not Trending SRK Over This?

No, I am not a SRK bhakt, who just wants people to worship him all the time, but I do wonder why this news of him inaugurating the bone marrow transplant centre was not all over my news feed.

This is where impact is being made and to be it not being reported enough is saddening to me.

Where Facebook happily had Kapil Sharma trending for a good couple of days, why was this news of SRK not trending similarly?

Do people even understand the gravity of a bone marrow transplant, how difficult and expensive it is, and how much difference it can make to the life of the patient?

to Marrow Donor Registry, India, to donate his bone marrow if a need may arise.

Also, did you know that Salman Khan has already donated his bone marrow, a few years back? He is one of the first people to do so and had already pledged himself to the Marrow Donor Registry, India, that would mean that he donates his bone marrow if the need arises.

But oh no, they can make ‘Happy Birthday Rani Mukherji’ trending, but not something of this importance.

Signing off I would like to ask as to why the media let brilliant work go unnoticed, things that make us proud do not get the media coverage it deserves.

Image Credits: Google Images

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