July 19: He has several successful gigs to his name and has worked with some of the biggest personalities from the Indian entertainment world.

It is so astounding to learn about all those individuals who make sure to give it their all and work consistently towards their goals to become their best versions and reach their desired success levels in their respective industries. Even amidst highly saturated and competitive industries like music, the world has seen a rise of many talented beings, in the form of singers, songwriters, music producers, DJs, remixers, artists, and more. However, among them, only a few have gone ahead in making their name prominent while also making sure to spread more inspiration among other budding talents in their niches. One passionate being who has been doing that in the Indian music scene and industry and who has risen to the top as a true-blue DJ, music producer, and remixer is Justin Yanu.

Justin Yanu stands tall and unique as one of the best and one of the youngest DJs in the Indian music industry today for reasons more than one. He recalls how at only 12 years of age, he had begun his journey in the year 2004 and since then has never looked back. Two years later, in 2006, Justin Yanu turned into a professional DJ performing at Geoffrey’s Club, Hotel Marine Plaza, Mumbai. In his late teens, he would also create his own composition by remixing, and that’s how he dived deeper into the music world as a DJ.

Besides making it huge as an excellent club DJ, Justin Yanu, for years, has remained a hot favorite of many celebrities as well, performing for them and also performing at weddings and for corporate companies. His specialties include music genres like hip-hop, house music, Bollywood, Punjabi music, and commercial club music. Working closely with one of the most renowned DJs in India, DJ Akhtar, he learned a lot and upped his game as a DJ, remixer, and music producer.

Performing alongside top artists like Badshah, Mika Singh, Honey Singh, DJ Aqeel, J Sean, Amit Trivedi, Sukhbir, and so many others and having to his name several gigs and performances in his career, the young DJ, remixer, and music producer has indeed come a long way.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @justinyanuofficial.


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