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Justice HQ: The Innovative Membership That is Changing the Way Attorneys Practice Law


The law industry has been one of the last industries to adapt to new technology. For years, the legal system has dragged its feet and resisted the very technology that would be its catalyst forward. Then, in 2020, the pandemic changed everything. Suddenly, depositions and client consultations were being conducted virtually over the phone or via Zoom. With less access to face-to-face interactions, resistant attorneys were forced to adapt to new technologies and systems. According to Robert Simon, founder of Justice HQ and the Simon Law Group, “This was a shift that was bound to happen, the pandemic simply accelerated it.” 

Unlike many of their peers, Robert Simon and co-founder, Brad Simon, have been utilizing legal technology in their shared practice, the Simon Law Group, for years. Their young, cutting-edge team were amongst the earliest adopters of Zoom and over the last decade, they’ve honed their technological systems from the discovery process to digital mail-sorting. With a vision and knowledge of the power that media holds for attorneys, co-founder, Teresa Diep, was brought on as the head of media. Aided by technology, the firm scaled rapidly until they reached the point where they were turning away cases and prospective attorney partners. Having grown tired of an antiquated, inefficient system, the Simon brothers teamed up to develop Justice HQ, a revolutionary membership platform that would bring lawyers of all specialties under one roof, both physically and virtually. 

In March of 2020, Justice HQ opened its first location in downtown Los Angeles. Amidst a pandemic, JHQ was able to double its membership, open its second location (based in Orange County), and is on track to open a third location in early 2021 in the South Bay. “Surprisingly, the pandemic has only helped our business,” says Simon, “Many offices shut down and attorneys were looking for a space to collaborate virtually, and Justice HQ was that solution.” 

In addition to providing their members with stunning, efficient office space and amenities, Justice HQ allows new attorneys, who desire to maintain their autonomy but also require collaboration and networking opportunities, to grow their practice. All lawyers are independent, with individual equity in each case they collaborate on. Justice HQ has an extensive vetting process to ensure that all of its members are quality, ethical, attorneys that will represent the community as a whole.

The future of the legal industry is rapidly evolving. As new technologies enter the scene, and consumers become even more distinguished in their selection, the need for a collaborative community has never been greater. To learn more about becoming a Justice HQ member, visit www.justicehq.com. Justice HQ is about enhancing the complete lawyer lifestyle. Where quality of life meets quality of lawyer.

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