One of the latest hype around the world these days is posting a quote saying something against being judgmental.

While doing so people think that they are among the elite class who have the guts to do anything and everything which otherwise is unacceptable by the society. Things like colouring their hair with funky colours like pink, green or embedding metal stuff on a part of the skin or getting a tattoo.

Being judgmental is like sailing in a ship but without a sailor. No idea of where it is moving but happy that it is moving. Never mind the ship reference. The main focus should be made on how these days kids are turning judgmental due to their parents’ exaggerated opinions on everything.

The main focus should be made on how kids these days are turning judgmental due to their parents’ exaggerated opinions on everything.


“OMG, Sharmaji’s wife uses so much lipstick, such a spendthrift”

“What’s with that guy’s long hair, is he trying to become a girl?”

“Ankur just reached class 12th and he already has a Smartphone. Such ignorant parents.”

“Guptaji’s daughter is slipping out of hands. She was wearing shorts in her FB dp

And millions of more statements can be mentioned here. Who wears what and who hangs out with whom is a topic of utmost concern!

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Kids grow up to be the shadow of their parent’s personality. The personality might be defected or infected. Two decades of staying with someone makes us prone to learning and acquiring the same traits as the other person has.

What parents fail to realize is that they are the director of their child’s constantly growing psychology and thus this cannot be taken frivolously. Children tend to inhibit the habits of their surrounding aura same as every RSS worker has almost the identical mentality.

I have heard my parents talk mean about people who wear different clothes than them, without any reasonable justifications. On confronting them regarding this, the answer came “We are discussing things inside the four walls of our house. No harm in that.”

Yes, there’s no harm in discussing things in your bedroom, but what miscarries this argument is that every statement that they make is being listened by their child who has an amateur psychological condition.

One day that kid will be going out in the world with the raw mentality which was undeliberately spoon-fed to them.

These are the same kids who grow up to oppose love marriage or same-sex marriage. 20-year-old youngsters these days are members of organizations such as Bajrang Dal, and beat up couples or forcefully marry them on Valentine’s Day.

These are the same youngsters who beat up a senior citizen just because there was a rumour of beef possession. These are the same who blame the victim for her rape.

It’s not like that the kids don’t need to apply their own brains, especially when they keep shouting from the top of their lungs about their individuality and freedom speech without knowing what it actually denotes.

We (the society) say that youngsters/teenagers need to grow up, but it’s parents who need to grow up first.


And this quote goes for everyone, not just for youngsters.

Article inspired from Is Your Child Growing Up To Be Judgmental?

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