The Viral Fever’s Jasmeet Singh Bhatia, better known as “Jizzy” to his fans has come a long way from being a typical engineering graduate to a popular comedian, landing his own segment called the “Jizzy-Veerji Show” on YouTube and working with multiple stars in his journey.

Today, on his birthday, we give you an all-access (almost) interview with him. So, without further ado, here’s the exclusive interview:

ED: Tell us about your journey to TVF, Jasmeet. How did you land a job, here?

Jasmeet: Well, it surely began like a fantasy. I was a total nobody in our college for a quite a lot of time (approximately 7 semesters).

Thanks to the decision of developing QLC, a YouTube channel I started back in college, I fetched a lot of attention, instantly. So by the time my joining was due in Infosys (in Mysore), I was encouraged and motivated about the things I could do.

After spending almost a year at Infosys, one fine day I posted my resume to TVF in response to their ‘vacancy’ FB post. I joined their team as an intern and then educated myself to wherever I am right now.

ED: When exactly did you make the final decision to join the profession of comedy? How was school and college for you?

Jasmeet: Being funny, I would say it was my natural nag. Everybody has one and I think mine was being humorous. I was never a part of one specific group or friend circle in both school and college.

I used to stand in circles and try to crack jokes on anything and everything I could think of. It helped me diss a lot around the rough kids of my school (I was in GHPS, you know how it goes).

By the time I reached college, I had a big mouth but minimal confidence. I watched a shit load of Western and European TV series in my college years which helped me channelize my big mouth and whatever imagination I had to back that mouth. My journey of becoming a comedian from a funny guy is still in process.

ED: What has been the best moment of your career as a comedian, so far?

Jasmeet: Performing LIVE in front of 2000 Punjabis in an open ground for the cultural fest of Thapar University. When Punjabis show their love, I guess there is no math to keep account of it.

ED: Would you like to try stand-up comedy, some time?

Jasmeet: I’ve been doing it for 6 months now. I open for Vipul Goyal on his Humorously Yours Tour.

ED: What do you do at TVF, apart from being an actor?

Jasmeet: I am a creative consultant pursuing screenplay writing. TVF has been my film school and it has groomed me to be more than just an artist. We have a lot of good content creators in the making.

ED: Your hit song “Dilli De Sardaarboys” created waves all over. How did the idea strike and how did you decide to work on it?

Jasmeet: When I met Jasdeep last winter (a.k.a Burrah from the video), he was humming The Weeknd’s “Starboy” track as “I’m a sardarboy”. I had a chuckle on my face the moment I heard it. We decided to pursue it as a full-fledged cover song and the lyrics are just honest insights of our lives scraped out of the bottom of our heart.

ED: You recently worked in a Bollywood movie. Please do share your experience. How did that come to happen and how was your overall experience?

Jasmeet: It was the coolest thing I could’ve done in the summer of 2016. I think I am blessed that I got an experience of a Dharma Productions movie set. I can now have a conversation with people I have admired on screen and not lose my shit.

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ED: Who would be your top 3 stand up comedians in India, as of now?

Jasmeet: Vipul Goyal, Biswa Kalyan Rath and Kapil Sharma.

ED: Your list of the top 3 comedians in TVF, as of now?

Jasmeet: I think Vipul Goyal has been the only legitimate comedian with us, though there are some exemplary writers like Biswapati Sarkar who are geniuses with creating humour in their scripts.

ED: Your trademark segment in TVF, the “Jizzy-Veerji” videos has been immensely well-received. Who came up with its concept and how was it to execute it?

Jasmeet: Let’s begin from the time when I had already attained my alias, Jizzy. Harman and I are flatmates and we had a spare camera in our office. I was calling him “Veerji” anyway, so we thought that we might as well name our videos/segment the same.

ED: What is your next goal in your professional life as well as personal life?

Jasmeet: I think I’ve been introduced and exposed to almost all of the things that I could go ahead with, in my career. Now is the time to put my knowledge to work and get professional at what all I am pursuing now.

ED: How would you describe your views on “comedy in India as a profession”? Feel free to share a personal experience with us, too.

Jasmeet: I think it is the golden period for comedy or comedians in India. Stand-up comedy is evolving very smoothly; people who’ve made it to the top are mainstream celebrities, now. I’ll say I had the beginner’s advantage as the competition has also become stringent. Still, it is far more convenient now to approach it as a profession.

ED: Any crazy fan moments which you’d like to share?

Jasmeet: Honestly, in most of my encounters I end up being the crazier person than a fan who has come up with appreciation. So, nothing that crazy enough that I would like to document. Haha.

ED: How do you see yourself growing in this profession?

Jasmeet: I believe raw talent or prodigal instincts could take you only so far, it’s the development of craft that creates the real difference. So, skill building is the top priority as I consider it an investment for my future.

ED: And finally, a message for all your fans, readers of this interview and Readers of ED Times?

Jasmeet: It’s okay to be confused about what you want to be, but not knowing what you can be is a genuine lack of awareness about yourself.

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