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The invisible people around us-Our servants



Do you scream at your driver when he is not there on time?

Do you make awful faces when the watchman of your college asks you for your id card?

Are you rude towards your servants and has it become a tendency in you?

If your answer is yes then Yayyy!!

Congratulations and welcome to the IDL-Indian Disregard League…

Ahh are you proud to be a part of it? Well, let’s find out…

Have you ever noticed the panic at home when the maid for all household chores does not turn up?

It’s horrifying, right?

Every one of us today is dependent on our servants, workers or helpers, whatever you might want to call them, but do we actually realize their importance in our lives?

And if we do why don’t we respect them enough? Important people ought to be respected.

Why are they always underpaid and disregarded?

I’ll tell you why. Simply because they belong to a lower caste who are inferior and do not deserve any consideration. They just mean nothing, nothing at all. This is what makes them unworthy of any respect and thus we are free to rebuke them at our will. And also they live in such unhygienic condition, who knows what disease they might be carrying with them. We are superior because we are wealthier than they and because we are recognized in the society.

But wait a second and imagine if you had to clean your toilets, wash your utensils, clothes and car all by yourself…


I think you got it. The mere fact that our entire household is paralyzed by their absence makes their role vital. Moreover Indians have a horror of working with their hands maybe because it seems undignified. They have a very important role to play in our lives; our homes turn upside down when they aren’t present.

And not only that…There is all the more reason why we should be generous to them. Have we ever given a thought to the fact that they are individuals who are deprived even of the basic necessities of life, say a fridge or new clothes or even proper meals twice a day? The harsh realities of their life are far harsher than we can imagine. Little income, little respect, little joy, immense struggle and immense misery is what defines their life. Moreover low wages and hard work is what they get at the end of the day.  If on top of that we are unkind and rude to them is it not a crime? A person who is already suffering immensely is met with arrogant behavior from the master he serves…This is how ruthless humans have become today. Forget sharing their problems we cannot even help them be happy in spite of their day to day struggles.

So now that we know they are important what shall we do?

Pay them more or be over friendly with them? Not really…

But if we just treat them like humans, like someone who does have emotions would it not be enough?

The basic idea is to greet them with a smile or talk to them respectfully or maybe also try to understand their situations and help them in any way we can. Imagine the amount of good fortune you would earn by just a little and generous act of yours. Eventually they might like working for us. Otherwise if they leave us, they must serve another!! It won’t really bother them.

So can we try and break out of this lesser self and spread happiness in their lives?

Photo Mar 1, 2013, 11-33 AM

Disregarding any life no matter what is an offence, right?

After all nobility exists within the “the lowest of the low” and “the poorest of the poor”.

So let’s change our thinking and our behavior.

Let’s remember that “God lies in a man’s heart”

Let’s do it!!!

Well I hope the numbers of the IDL plummet soon and we see a brand new IRL coming up!!!

You understood what IRL is, right? It’s the Indian Regard League!!

So Get Set Gooooo!!!! J






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