January 4: International Society of Diplomats is an International Organization with Head Quarter in Canada and have various registered offices in Europe, North America, Asia & Africa. ISD was founded by a group of career & non-career Diplomats representing various nations, with a core mandate to provide a sustainable platform for diplomats around the world, with the aim to promote & uphold the practice & ethics of International Diplomacy, Peace & Social Justice through International cooperation, exchange of the ideas and export of technology across the globe, for the development and advancement of humanity.

ISD works in partnership with the Government of various nations through their ForeignAffairs Ministry, Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates and other Foreign Missions to promote international cooperation by providing expert advice on issues related to foreign policies, economy, politics, security, health, technology transfer, education, agriculture and food security, environment, youth and gender issues.

Dr. Dinesh Sabnis has vast experience in the field of Education, Sports, Health, Youth Development, Peace Diplomacy, and his appointment in ISD will be great help & support in the development of projects such as Quality Education, Health& Wellbeing, Peace Diplomacy & Youth Development related to India & Far East Nations.


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