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The Earth did not choose Chocolate. Chocolate chose the Earth. That probably is the only reason why chocolate is impossible to get away from.

The taste of chocolate is a joy forever. This universal truth doesn’t require a derivative proof for its relevance. However, being a fervent chocolate-is-my-true-bae, I put forward these exotic realities to substantiate the validity of chocolate in human existence, environmental sustainability and of course, general harmony.

1. Backed by Science, Chocolate makes us happy!
This is derived from intense scientific experiments in labs that undertake hardcore research. (It’s a big deal, okay?)


Researches prove that consumption of chocolate enriches the body with naturally occurring chemicals that better mood. Thus, chocolate contains chemicals that trigger love (phenylethylamine) and tryptophan, the chemical that increases happiness.

Now you know why chocolate is as addictive as it is!

2. Chocolate as currency!
You may be ‘considering chocolate valuable’ cool. But you can never be ‘make chocolate a medium of exchange’ cool!


Guess what? There once existed not one, but two clans who hit that level of coolness.

We’re talking about the Mayans and Aztechs of pre-columbian Americas here. These tribes believed that chocolate was the feed of none other but the Gods! Thus, they had their Kings and aristocrats consume cups of warm chocolate. The hence overvalued cocoa bean was used a form of currency in place of coins and loinclothes.

3. Cocoa is a tooth decay REMEDY!
Time to bust some myths here. Chocolate doesn’t always mean tooth decay! Surprising, isn’t it?

In fact, chocolate the way it is available in the market with the additives and sweeteners isn’t good for the teeth. However, pure cocoa is good for tooth decay.
Naturally contained chemicals in cocoa helps fight bacteria and soon, cocoa minus the sugar shall be expected to be added as a toothpaste ingredient.

4. Half the World’s chocolate..
Half the world’s chocolate is consumed by Americans! And the UN speaks about equality in distribution of anything and everything. If you always thought that Americans ate a lot of chocolate, to your surprise, you’re right!


In other words, an excess of 3 billion pounds of chocolate is consumed by Americans, annually. Nevertheless, Europe lags not much behind with a figure of 40% of world’s total consumption.
The rest of the world hence consumes about 10% of the world production of chocolate. I wonder if the statistics base quality as a measure!

5. Invention of the Microwave!
This has to be the least expected bullet ever. Chocolate is the reason why we have microwave ovens!

Percy Spence, a World War II scientist working on weapons and radars, was a huge fan of chocolate. As a result, he had chocolate bars in his work area. He once noticed a bar kept in his pocket melt as he worked near a magnetron device.


He thus worked up on this petty observation and realised how magnetrons can heat food at an incredibly quick rate. Towards the end of that study, it was all “Behold the Microwave OVEN!”.

Other lesser known facts include how in spanish reality “Death by Chocolate” had occurred, how chocolate that comes as sugar-free in the market is quite astonishingly ex-lax! and how chocolate is a primary reason for the flourishing of nut businesses.

Anyhow, quality chocolate is indefinite amount of utility for any and all. Never to forget, all good things come with the consequences of being “too much good”. In the limited and controlled use, lies the key. After all, anything is good and useful if made of chocolate!




Picture Credits- Google images
By S. Shahid Abdul Majeed


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