India’s latest e-commerce plus platform gintaa which was recently launched as a unique feature of Bartering, a way of transaction popular from 6,000 BC, is today, not based on the inherent need of goods, but extracting maximum value of your goods as a consumer and your skills and services as a business. Globally, the barter economy is on the rise and there is no slowdown in sight. In India the estimated value of unused goods stocked in homes worth a jaw-dropping Rs 85,000 crores 

To this address this problem, Chairman & MD Laxman Jaiswal said at the launch of gintaa, “gintaa is based on the pristine Indian value of ‘GIVE and TAKE’. Our social e-Commerce platform with B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C selling, buying, bidding, and exchange shall cover almost every conceivable aspect of e-Commerce and beyond.”

Company Director, Soham Jaiswal, elaborating on barter said “it help in saving companies money by:

  • Reducing inventory storage needs
  • Minimizing losses from perishable goods
  • Boosting export business
  • Cutting corporate purchasing costs for such items as airfares, hotel stays, and advertising.”

gintaa Barter aims to revive the traditional and ancient system where people can exchange products or services with products or services, not in any particular order. If the user is running short on money or having overflowing inventory with similar goods, gintaa Barter offers the luxury to barter what one needs without draining the pockets!

So, if the user is ready to exchange old comic book collection with some classic novels or maybe a headphone if it matches gintaa shall be the answer, summed up Laxman Jaiswal.



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