Uber and WhatsApp announced a new partnership in India, it is the first global integration to take place. Customers will now be able to book a cab by using the company’s official ride-share service WhatsApp chatbox. This feature is built on the Whatsapp business platform itself. 

Uber, on December 2nd, announced that meta-owned WhatsApp can now be used for booking uber rides in India. It was quite a surprising development. This messaging app is pretty popular, it has 400 million users in this country. This integration is free for all its users. 

How to book an Uber ride on WhatsApp?

Anyone who uses WhatsApp can book a ride by messaging Uber’s business account number. They can even scan a QR code or simply click a link that will directly send them to uber’s WhatsApp chat.

The user will have to provide their pickup and drop-off locations, choose the kind of cab they want and even the amount of the fare will be provided in the chat itself. 

So, basically, the customer will carry out all the activities via WhatsApp only, from registration to booking of the kind of transport, driver’s details, to receive all the fare details through chat. One can even pay online. It also provides all the safety features that the app provides. No human interaction whatsoever, an introvert’s lifelong dream comes true right here. 

Users will also be able to track the drivers en route to the pickup point. There is also an “emergency” option available for the people who have booked their ride from WhatsApp. This when clicked allows an inbound call from uber’s customer support team. 

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Riders will have access to the safety line number if they need to make a call, this line is available for 30 mins after the trip ends.  

This tie-up rolls out the need to download or use the uber app. Currently, this feature is available only in English, but it will soon be expanded to other Indian languages, no exact timeline is given yet. 

Who can use it?

Everyone in India!!! For now, it’s on a pilot basis in Lucknow. It will be expanded to other cities too. This service is available to all, new and existing users who are registered on uber with their phone numbers. 

“We want to make it as easy as possible for all Indians to take an Uber trip, and to do that we need to meet them on platforms they are comfortable with. Our partnership with WhatsApp does just that, giving riders a new way to get a ride through a simple, familiar, and trusted channel,” said Nandini Maheshwari, who is the Business Development Director. 

Nandini Maheshwari

This is not the first time Uber is trying out something new in India. It will be interesting to see how booking a ride will function on a messaging app.   

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