By Karanveer Singh

Not long ago Indian cricket team fought Pakistan cricket team for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and lost it to them.  It was the loss that reminded us Indians that we still have other sports and players to appreciate at the International level, i.e. Hockey and Badminton.

This was majorly to cover up our egos that were hurt from the overconfident fan following.

After all, it is India versus Pakistan carrying unfathomable sentiments that drive millions crazy. Cricket, being the most popular sports in India, has understandably been made a charge of these sentiments due to its huge fan following.

But do most of these fans admire it due to the game or is this fan following just a celebrity pop culture follow up just like Bollywood stars?

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When on 2nd July 2017, India defeated Pakistan at the ICC Women’s World Cup with a terrific show of skills, leaving Pakistan at a dismissive score of 74/9, it wasn’t welcomed by the Indian “cricket” fans the same way it was a month ago in the Men’s cricket.

The Television channels weren’t going hallelujah with all day telecast of the cricket matches.

The social media wasn’t flooded with a ball by ball, swing by swing, over by over constructive criticism of the matches.

The “cricket” fans were nowhere to be seen portraying their Indian cricketers as heroes or heroines. It makes us question the authenticity of the kind of support the game has.

Although, there was a spree of tweets congratulating the Indian team from celebrities, sportsmen and athletes and many other true fans, however, the continuous craze that the nation has witnessed for the game of cricket was not found.

As if to say that- “We love cricket but only when men play it.

The sexism was recently bashed by the Captain of the Women’s Cricket Team, Mithali Raj, when upon being asked who her favourite male cricketer is? “Would you ask the same question to a male cricketer?” was her response.

That was the slight touch of boldness that gained the attention of the world. It represented a Captain’s approach for her game and its recognition.

An acknowledgment of how far we have come by being a progressive society is necessary for a positive growth.

However, the need to comprehend ourselves of being true to our fandom for a sport irrespective of the other attributes which stay irrelevant to the skills, love, and support for that sport is indispensable.

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