At other times the intense rivalry between the Indian and Pakistani Cricket teams usually spills over into social media. People across the border tend to harbor an atmosphere of difference whenever a cricket match is held. But this time Indian and Pakistani cricket fans broke this trend by dancing off to the hit song Pasoori which united them at the Melbourne stadium.

Music Unites

A video recently went viral and showed a horde of cricket fans grooving to Pasoori at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. They were wearing both the blue Indian team jerseys and the green Pakistani jerseys while singing and dancing together, arm in arm. The video has already garnered over 2 lakh views, eliciting heartfelt responses from people.

The video was shot and shared by the Instagram handle Pakistan Showbiz 123. It truly proved the saying that music has no boundaries. Comments streamed in expressing support for the incident.

A user wrote, “Best thing on the internet today”, while another said, “Divided by borders, United by Pasoori”. The Indian and Pakistani cricket fans were united by the melodious tunes of the hit song.

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Ali Sethi and Share Gill’s popular hot Pasoori was made possible by the two artists’ soulful voices and the amazing production by Coke Studio. The song has topped Spotify charts in India, Pakistan, and other countries, while capturing thousands of hearts with its catchy tunes.

True To Sports

Cricket fans, both Indian and Pakistani, were enthralled by the thrilling match-off between the neighboring national cricket teams.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground was packed with over 90,000 Indian and Pakistani fans watching the much-awaited match. The heavyweight clash between the arch-rivals in the Super 12 stage in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup was a spectacle in itself.

India won by 4 wickets, inducing celebration across Indian sports households, who cheered especially for King Kohli. Last year India had lost to Pakistan by 10 wickets. But the fierce rivalry between the two nations could not stop a friendly banter and dance-off among Indian and Pakistani cricket fans.

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