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India Losing Business Confidence.


Do We All Know What Business Confidence really is? Well, it is an index maintained by CII And FICCI to rate the strength of Indian Market And Confidence Of Indian Business.

 Plus Not Only The Share market but the GDP, Interest Rates and Depression also affect Business Confidence. Currently a sombre mood has been cloaking the Indian Businesses due to Low GDP Growth, Higher Interest Rates And Recovery problems In The West.

While The PM’s Cabinet And The FM Projected a 9% GDP Growth this year through PPP [ Public- Private Partnership], now all of them have to be happy with just a miser 7.5-8% GDP Growth. And Also have We seen the rising Fiscal Deficit of a 5% against the budgeted 4.6% which shows lack of proper plans and guidance in the Government and it also shows lack of autonomy with a minister.

As we all know how Indian Party Heads have their puppets to take decisions from their point of view, we also must know that we are also forced to take decisions according to their whims and fancies indirectly.

The Current Business Index Shows a Drop of 8.9 points from the last quarter. Also 47% of Business Projects have been stalled and 20% Deals Cancelled due to irregularity.

Well Businesses need to introspect about their dealings with the Government and also change their prospective towards the public so that we can keep faith in them.


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