India Baffles Pakistan With Surgical Strike & Diplomacy, Your Move Next Pak!

The recent Uri attack has triggered into many after effects with both the countries threatening each other of their military capability. Where India is shrewdly taking its step cautiously; pressurising and isolating Pakistan through its brilliance in foreign affairs, Pakistan is acting like an immature adolescent who whines for no reason and shows off his yet to achieve “manhood”.

And for those who are a bit low about India not attacking Pakistan straight after the attack, they must now see how miraculous and thoughtful India’s strategy is: First put some pressure, and then pull the trigger.

We could see the outcome of this pressure as after the rumours of India to nullify the Indus Water Treaty surfaced up, Pak’s defence minister went on to make some foolish comments that they will use N-bombs on India, due to fear.

India has circumvented the  idea of attacking Pakistan till now, which to some people (who act like they know how to handle such situations more than the PM and its entourage itself) was disheartening.

Why The Idea Isn’t Good?

Pakistan isn’t mature enough to give even a second thought before using its nuclear weapons.

The countries who have fought the two world wars know extensively that the world can’t afford to have one more war and would surely not want to see another N-bomb making a humongous cloud. Even India has fought in those two wars (from the side of Britishers) and knows how bad the idea of using nuclear weapons is. But Pakistan has no such experience. That’s why their defense minister is making such amateur comments like “..hum unhe nestanabhut kar denge (..we’ll completely destroy India) “

If today a war happens between India and Pakistan, the present foreign relations are so complex that it has a high chance of becoming a world war. This is something that neither of the two parties could afford. The main objective of India is growth and development. So, war isn’t the way out of this conflict.

India’s Retaliation So Far

India is using the support of its allies around the world through its tactics. Where Pakistan is ranting about Uri mishap being “self- generated” by India, 24 countries along with UN and EU condemned the attack and supported India in its struggle against terrorism. Some of the countries included: France, Germany, Italy, US, Japan, UK, South Korea, etc.

Obama, President of US refused to meet Nawaz Sharif before his UN address. (Source: The Indian Express)

Russia called off its joint military exercise with Pakistan in POK. 

India’s attitude on the Indus Water Treaty with Pakistan changed to ‘Maximum Exploitation’ i.e. to try for the maximum use of three of the rivers that come under Pakistan rule as per the treaty.

When India pulled itself out of the SAARC summit which is to happen in Islamabad, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan followed India and called it off too.

PM Modi, called a meeting to review Pakistan’s MFN (Most Favourite Nation) status. This could affect Pak’s benefits that it gets due to trade with India.

And just recently, India attacked on Pakistan terror launchpads across LoC in a surgical strike.

It is a very effective move to first isolate Pakistan and then attack their harboured terrorists surgically.

Let’s see what happens next.

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