Living in exotic places is what we all wish for. I bet every millennial has at least once made their bucket list and really hoped to pull one of those ZNMD kind of trip with their friends and live in a beautiful country.

I can also firmly say that the list probably included countries like, USA, Sydney, Spain, Japan, London, France and insert almost every other cliche place. For Indians Canada is a must, right? There is nothing wrong with these countries.

They are popular and everybody wants to visit there but there are many other beautiful countries that get ignored and one of it is Cyprus. And here are 5 reasons why I want to live there again and why you should too.


The country has two main nationalities, Turks and Greeks. The city of Nicosia is the only divided city in the world. You can enjoy the essence of two cultures in one country. As an Indian we are used to diversity and living here comes natural.

Food is a culmination of both Turkish and Mediterranean flavours and you get to experience the picturesque charm of the whole country as a mixture. And if you want another country to cover then Egypt is an overnight ship journey away!


The best thing about Cyprus that I absolutely love is the overall climate. It shines sun 365 days. The weather is never too extreme and that is the best thing, specially for us.

You don’t have to suffer in Mumbai’s rain, Delhi’s summer etc. You can enjoy every weather here without facing the cons of it.

Here is another fun part. You can enjoy at the beach in the morning and have a warm evening in a cabin amidst snow in the evening during winters, at Mt. Troodos. That is what we all need to experience apart from Shimla ki baraf.


As a kid who was always interested in Greek mythology, roaming around the ruins of Salamis and admiring the art from the past was an amazing experience. Cyprus, just like India, has one of the oldest histories.

If you too like to walk among the ruins of old Mughal forts and minars then you should live here and lose yourself in various excavation and historical sites and make your life aesthetic.

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Cyprus has one of the cleanest beaches across whole Europe. As far as I have experienced, I guess Cyprus is one of the cleanest places on earth.

And it will be a refreshing change from Goa’s crowded and polluted beaches. And you won’t have to worry about paan stains or scattered beer bottles.

Along with being the cleanest, it is also one of the safest countries in the world. So you can roam around with your girl gang bare feet on clean sands without having a worry in the world.

Beaches also provide numerous water activities, so there is plenty to look out for any weekend without any fear.


One of out many things that are different about Cyprus from India is the environment and the ambiance. You will never believe me but it is one of the most peaceful and quiet places ever.

And you won’t be convinced until you witness the laid-back and noise-free lifestyle of Cypriots. The streets are quiet and hustle-free without hawkers and poor children selling things, so you will have plenty of room to walk around and not worry about your pockets being picked, something that is typical in India.

But don’t be fooled. The Cypriots are famous for their love for partying and celebrating festivals. The nighttime is the exact opposite of the daytime.

You won’t hear songs like “Saturday” but I am sure the alcohol is cheap and better than the desi one. There is no party like a Cyprus party!

So, what else are you waiting for? Just give this beautiful and diabolical island a chance and experience the best of everything and escape from your daily life in India.

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