The results of the very high-profile Karnataka Assembly elections of 2018 are finally upon us. Both the favorites, the incumbent Congress Party and the Bhartiya Janata Party have run an impressively bombastic election campaign and it is time we knew what the people of Karnataka have voted for. However, early forecasts suggest that not only is the BJP set for a slim majority but, Deve Gowda’s JD(S) is also in for a strong showing.

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Who is Deve Gowda, the party president of the JD (S) ? How many seats will he eventually win? And more importantly, how crucial will his role in Karnataka be ?

Read the following visual blog for more on the man,

A young Deve Gpwda with fellow Janata Party stalwart and former Prime Minster Morarji Desai

Deve Gowda with PM Narendra Modi

At the time of writing, election leads suggest the BJP might just fall short of an outright majority of 112 seats in the Assembly. This doesn’t mean the BJP can’t stake claim to the government however. The BJP can always rely on a few independents to make a government.

But, what if even the Independents are not enough? Apart from the Congress, JD(S) is the only party powerful enough to support a government. With somewhere around 40 seats, JD(S) can choose to join the BJP in coalition (As Kumaraswamy has suggested) or maybe even support it from the outside (Maybe as a compromise between Kumaraswamy and Gowda’s stands).

Another possibility, one that is almost too fantastical and too absurd to happen? The Congress (With its 70 odd seats) and JD(S) join hands to form a government if the BJP and its alliance with Independents don’t get the required majority. That probably won’t happen but, more unpredictable things have happened in Indian politics.

Image Sources: Google Images, Cover Image: Newslaundry

Sources: Scroll, NDTV, Indian Express


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