Veere Di Wedding since it’s trailer release has been making news due to the supposedly offensive explicit scenes, use of abuse and much more.

The release of this much-anticipated movie has only fuelled people further with some hating it and some tolerating it.

There are even some who like it just a bit because it’s one of the few entertaining movies with a majorly female cast and geared towards the female audience.

Although the hype and noise around it does remind us of another female-oriented movie that created as much buzz and anger, that is the 2017 film Lipstick Under My Burkha.

It seems women-led and women-oriented movies sure seem to get people talking and giving various amounts of opinions on female empowerment, sexual freedom and more.

So, in lieu of all that, we decided to put these 2 vastly, on paper, different movies together and see what the outcome is:

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Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Indian ExpressHuffPost, IBTimes India 

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