Streets of Colombo, the Sri Lankan city, are erupting with the anti-government slogans, “Gota step down”. The heterogeneous populace of the nation belonging to different ethnic communities has created a watershed movement to bring change.

Amidst power cuts, repetitive social media bans, rising inflation and a shortage of necessary items, many people have lost their source of income. The government has failed the people numerous times, and this time the people have had enough.

The protests from different parts of the country demand president Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the current government to resign. The constant politics of nepotism, indebtedness to other nations, lower GDP rate since Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s appointment and unregulated cash flow in the market has disappointed the public. 

The streets have become performative. LGBTQ and national flags are flown together. The citizens are circling Rajapaksa’s resident, pressuring him to step down. From Muslims breaking their fast in the evenings to artists playing music on the streets, the people are held together by the vision of an imagined future where they don’t have to suffer. The nationwide protests allude to the power of organized forms of resistance against state forces.

Here are the visuals from the streets:

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Source: The Wire, BBCNDTV

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