Zack Snyder’s Justice League has been out for a couple of days and more, and we cannot exactly keep quiet about it.

With every bombastic action sequence and operatic music score, Snyder’s vision oozes with style through and through with the broody darkness mingling with brightness in a sensational sense of cornucopia.

As opposed to the ‘less than sensational’ movie we received back in 2017 which has now been dubbed as Josstice League, Snyder’s Justice League delivers on more grounds than a few- often going above and beyond the call of duty forming new grounds to cover.

Joss Whedon’s cut on the other hand sought to make the movie into another clone of Marvel’s Avengers by saying adieu to the operatic vision of Snyder and bidding welcome to the obnoxious quips of the more audience-friendly Avengers.

The Whedon cut introduced the audience to a ‘brunch’ enthusiast Flash, a Tony Stark rip-off for Batman, an Aquaman who probably deals drugs in the Projects by night and a Superman who had a pretty awful Botox surgery.

The only character Joss did justice to was Wonder Woman although that isn’t saying much, and Cyborg found himself at the rough end of the deal with nothing to add to the story.

On the other hand, Snyder made the characters feel whole again and actually interact like human beings and not stand-up comics stating jokes at a dime a dozen. 

Thus, I provide below a few shots from the movie that made me lose my absolute mind as Snyder’s Cut opens to critical acclaim all over. Honestly, I could have added the entire movie but then the server would probably crash and you’d be left staring at the entire movie.

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Comment down below to share your favourite moments from the movie and then we might have a friendly discussion afterward. #RestoreTheSnyderverse

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