Diwali is heralded as one of the most auspicious and significant festivals in India, if not for the festivities then for the overstretched weekend. However, with Diwali comes the foreboding thought of excessive pollution and the possible setting of lung infection.

Moreover, it is through Diwali that we find a point in time where no matter the order from authorities, both civilians and the police stay put. 

The High Court had advised folks in Delhi, according to the state government’s announcement, to not burst or sell any form of firecracker, green or otherwise. The decision was made owing to the deteriorating air quality and the still looming threat of the COVID-19 virus.

A day hence from Diwali, the Air Quality Index rose to egregious amounts, often crossing the 500-600 mark in some places.

The NCR and the capital city of Delhi have often fallen prey to this very same scenario every other year and unfortunately, the blanket ban on all firecrackers did not work. To provide the readers with some perspective, the following are a few pictures for that benefit.

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To hope for this to be a final eye opener would be mere wishful thinking at present but sometimes that does the trick.

It is time for the people’s eyes to open up for it is not an attack on their religion but a plea for life. If there is no Earth for us to live in then there would be no Earth for your religion to grow in.

Stay away from firecrackers.

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Sources: NDTV, AQI, Reuters

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